Live Intensive Workshop

Master the

Inner Game of Wealth

 Learn how to build belief in yourself so powerful and unshakable that circumstances no longer impact your peace and happiness.


When you believe in yourself, you can create anything you want.




Learn to embrace and harness your personal power of choice over your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. When you do, you’ll see every circumstance in your life take on new meaning. Instead of waiting for circumstances to improve to live a peaceful, loving, and happy life, higher states of wealth and success will enhance your already existing peace, love, and happiness.


This intensive workshop takes everything you've learned with Inner Wealth Global to a new level. You will experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs which will move the needle on your wealth, success and happiness for the rest of your life. 


By choosing more empowering thoughts, emotions, words, and actions you will:

Create More Wealth

Your financial wealth and overall prosperity will naturally expand to meet your new internal level of wealth.

Achieve Breakthrough Success

Reach higher levels of success with higher levels of clarity, confidence, courage, certainty, and commitment.

Feel Deeper Love

As the level of your own belief in yourself grows, so will the love you feel for yourself and others.


We will work together to create new levels of wealth and success in your life and business.

  • We will spend 3 full days together in a group capped at 10.
  • We will meet virtually once a week for 12 weeks for continued training, coaching, and accountability.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for our team.
  • You will finish up with a private call where we'll create a strategy specifically for your goals and objectives.


All for 5 monthly payments of $999 for a total investment of $4,995 in a more powerful future.

Limited to 10 Seats

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I'm Mike Kitko

The Founder and CEO of Inner Wealth Global.

I'm also a proven executive level coach with a track record of moving the needle in every dimension of my students' lives and businesses. With over 15 years of Fortune 500 executive experience and over 5 years working directly with business owners around the world, I will inspire you to levels of wealth, success, and happiness you've only dreamed possible. I've been dubbed the 'Business Buddha' because of my way of positively impacting your internal joy and external wealth and success.

I'll show up for you. Will you show up for yourself?

"I love working with Mike. He helps me stay accountable to my personal vision for my life and points out when I'm letting "stories" get in the way of my plans and goals. He's helped me stay focused on enjoying the journey and having fun in every challenge & season. We talk weekly about business goals, personal goals, and barriers that I inadvertently create to achieving those.

While working with him, my success, happiness, and peace have increased dramatically. Thanks, Mike, I'm so grateful to you."

Jen D. - Entrepreneur

"While coaching with Mike I can honestly say I am a completely different person with how I approach my daily life and long-term vision. I am happier than ever and am focused on the journey, not just the results. My business’ monthly sales nearly tripled during my initial coaching term with Mike. With his help, I was able to change my inner world which had a direct effect on my outer world. The relationship with my family, my business results and of course, my own happiness, have all grown for the better through my work with Mike!"

Jordan B. - Entrepreneur

Live Intensive Workshop

Master the Inner Game of Wealth

Build unshakable belief In yourself. Only 10 seats available. Save your spot today in our next powerful training session!