Positively Impacting The World By Positively Impacting Business Owners

Our Mission

Inner Wealth Global makes the world a more loving place.


We help our clients and students design, create, and live a life they get excited to wake up to each day. As they become more confident in their ability to create anything they want, they feel a deeper sense of purpose and love for themselves.

Any time an individual feels a greater sense of purpose and love for themselves, they effortlessly share their new gifts with the world.

And when we live the life of our dreams and share our most purposeful gifts with the world, the world becomes a more loving place.

Choosing to join the Inner Wealth family is literally choosing to create positive change and impact in a world desperately in need of stewardship and leadership.

Mike Kitko

Mike is a the Founder and CEO of Inner Wealth Global. He is a proven executive level coach with a track record of moving the needle in every dimension of his students' lives and businesses. With over 15 years of Fortune 500 executive experience and over 5 years working directly with business owners around the world, he will inspire you to levels of wealth, success, and happiness you've only dreamed possible. He's been dubbed the 'Business Buddha' because of his way of positively impacting your internal joy and external wealth and success.

Our Core Values

Our business, employees, and clients are held to a high standard of behavior, impact, and results.


We let others voluntarily evolve. We will make ourselves available to provide a safe space, encourage, and provide support to others to accomplish their purpose and vision.


We are true to ourselves and hold each other accountable to be true to themselves.


We extend trust to each other immediately and willingly and resolve to take constant action to build and reinforce that trust.


We shamelessly grow in every dimension of life.

Fun & Support

We have a drama free environment full of laughs, encouragement, and camaraderie.


We selflessly serve the greater good using our authenticity, uniqueness, and prosperity.