Are You A Freedom Seeker?

May 03, 2023

I believe that anyone in this world can become anyone they want, and I also believe that anyone can achieve anything they want. I don’t believe that there’s an invisible force who holds anyone back, and I don’t believe that this force answers some prayers and dismisses others. I’ve witnessed in my own life, and in working with many people, that it’s not the world that holds us back from living a prosperous, successful, joyful, peaceful, satisfying life full of health, wealth, and love. The only thing that holds us back from being, doing, and having anything we want is what’s happening between our ears, and in the 14 inches between our minds to our heart.

I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and other driven people who are seeking time and financial freedom. These people are everywhere in my life, so I get to study them. I am a student of humanity, especially people I call seekers. Since I spend so much time with seekers, I get to see what makes them tick, what pains them, what separates them from others, and what separates them from each other.


What Makes A Seeker Tick?

I’ve spent time in a variety of arenas: the military, corporate, and in the entrepreneurial space. People in each of these spaces are bonded by vastly different qualities. People in the military are bonded and driven by national pride, tradition, moral courage, and esprit de’ corps. People in the corporate arena bonded and driven by personal success, organizational achievement, and safety and security for themselves and their family. People in the entrepreneurial arena are driven by time freedom, financial freedom, and a deep curiosity and drive to understand and harvest their fullest authentic potential.

Entrepreneurs, in my experience, are the ultimate seekers. While people in the military and corporate often wait for someone else to invest in their growth and development, entrepreneurs invest their own time and resources to become the greatest version of themselves so that they can live their best life. I am convinced that nothing else in life will grow a human being more than launching, growing, and running a business. You’ll be forced to face every challenge, obstacle, emotion, worry and doubt that a human could face. There’s literally nowhere to hide, and you’ll be forced to face all that life has to offer.

The most awesome part of running a business is that the more the entrepreneur grows, the more the business will literally grow itself.


What Causes A Seeker Pain?

Entrepreneurs have this ache inside of their soul. They feel it, and sometimes they don’t even recognize it or see that it separates them apart from most of society. This ache is the drive to experience freedom. The driven and successful entrepreneur will never work for anyone again, wants full control of their own calendar and schedule, and wants to decide where they will go and what they will do daily. The internet and emerging technologies have taken away the need to work in a static location, and entrepreneurs often desire the freedom to roam the earth on their own terms. They might have a physical business location, but by building a business, they can see themselves being untethered at some point in their life, choosing to run their business from anywhere with a WIFI signal and an electrical outlet.

The modern entrepreneur feels the pain of living life on someone else’s terms, going where someone else demands, and doing things they’d rather not do. The driven entrepreneur knows that even if they are doing these things in the short term, by doing so they can eventually build a life and business which gives them the ability to choose otherwise. Essentially, these seekers feel internal angst and resistance when they think about living life on someone else’s terms for the remainder of their lives. The driven entrepreneur knows that there’s more to life, and this angst drives them every day.


What Separates A Seeker From Others?

The seeker is a continuous student of life. The average successful entrepreneur is often reading multiple books at the same time, listens to podcasts and other educational material to gain an edge, journals regularly, has mentors and guides in their life, is part of networks of other entrepreneurs, and heavily invests in their own growth and development. Seekers attend seminars and workshops looking for that one nugget of information that will catalyze a new level of growth. The seeker heavily budgets for ongoing personal development and growth instead of starting and stopping based on getting somewhere specific. They know growth fuels results, so ongoing personal development and growth is the engine for achieving higher levels of results and more time and financial freedom.


What Separates One Seeker From Another Seeker?

Since we’ve established that entrepreneurs have a natural curiosity and drive to experience time and financial freedom, and understand that growth is required, let’s get clear about what differentiates the levels of success within the entrepreneurial world. I’ve witnessed entrepreneurs who strong arm life, using force and sheer willpower to achieve some level of wealth and success. These seekers are eager and driven to grow, but they get stuck using determination, effort, stress, and fear to drive them to higher levels of achievement. But often these people never graduate from their internal stress and struggle, and even though they are technically beyond the point of having time and financial freedom, since they still experience constant internal conflict which signal a constant need to fight to survive - what I like to call premature survival impulses - they never lay down their sword and shield.

These people could fight for the rest of their lives, dying wealthy and successful without ever having really enjoyed the fruits of their efforts, evolution, and expansion. When I’ve witnessed these people in action, they have decades of financial stability assured, but they still live as though they have nothing or are about to lose everything at any given moment. They can stop fighting, but their internal state rages with worry, doubt, and fear, so they never give themselves permission to relax and enjoy life.

On the other hand, at the opposite end of the continuum is the internally harmonious seeker, who at some point recognized and began to face and clean up the mental and emotional battle within them. Let’s be clear that every human being has some mental and emotional chaos raging inside of them, but most people face life as if changing external circumstances such as their wealth, success, and material possessions will resolve worry, doubt, and fear. When we start anything - including business - from a place of worry, doubt, and fear, if we don’t face and resolve the internal conflicts they will grow as the business grows. If we have money worries, as our fortune grows so will the fear of losing the fortune. Money won’t take away the fear, it will just shift how we worry about money.

Imagine waking up each day fully believing in yourself, confident in your abilities to handle any challenge or obstacle, clear minded and focused on the present moment instead of on repeating the pain of the past or avoiding pain in the future, unwaveringly committed to higher levels of prosperity, health, success, joy, peace, and love, and certain that you can create and achieve anything you want whenever you want. Can you imagine living life like that?


Putting It All Together

So are you a seeker? If so, what type of seeker are you. Are you seeking relief for internal conflicts through external circumstances, or are you cleaning out the internal clutter while creating time and financial freedom? I hope you choose the later. If not, I’d love to help you feel real freedom in your life and business.

Photo by Kristina V on Unsplash

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