Are You Growth Oriented?

Sep 14, 2021

Not everyone is growth oriented, and if you're not, you don't need to be in order to be ok. You're perfectly fine as you are. If you are growth oriented, you're not better than those who are, you're just different. 

It's critical we state that up-front so that we are in alignment. No one on the face of this planet is better or more significant than anyone else - we're just all living our own journey and we're all doing the best we can. 

You can't reject yourself to higher states of wealth, success, and happiness, so let's just accept each other as we are. 

The opposite of growth-oriented is security-oriented (or fixed-minded). Let's dive a little deeper to understand the values of each. 

Security Oriented People Value Certainty Today More Than Increase Tomorrow

Security-oriented people crave feeling safe. They value the known more than the unknown, and risk is not easy or natural. They want to know they have enough and  are enough, and once they have attained this, they tend to "lock it in". There are key traits of truly security-oriented people:

  • They seek satisfaction, and crave the prospect of knowing they will always have enough. 
  • They avoid uncertainty, the unknown, and risk whenever possible, and desire to feel they are totally balanced in life. 
  • They look at the price and effort of growth as an expense, and when not assured of an increased outcome, will typically opt for their current circumstances.
  • They feel that when they have enough they are "winning", and they do not want that feeling to go away.
  • They are not willing to lose what they have for the prospect of increase. 

Growth Oriented People Value Increase Above All Else

Growth oriented people value growth, increase, and expansion in all aspects of life. These people are more excited for the prospect of a better future than they worry about losing what they have. There are key traits of truly growth-oriented people:

  • They are typically unsatisfied, and crave the prospect of "more".
  • They crave adventure, uncertainty, and the unknown, and are willing to get uncomfortable to achieve new levels and new outcomes. 
  • They look at the price and effort for growth as an investment in themselves, knowing that investments are the way to increase just about anything in life. 
  • They know that sometimes they will win, and sometimes they will not. But they also know that every time they don't win they learn more about what it takes to win. 
  • They are willing to lose what they have for the prospect of increase. 

These Qualities on Display

I see these qualities on display regularly. When I speak to a room full of employees of other companies, they are hesitant to invest in themselves, in their future, or for the prospect of more. These individuals are like a seed of a tree that's been planted, but they are happy being a seed instead of the rupturing required to become a tree. I have programs and offerings which help an individual grow into the person capable of becoming wealthy, successful, and happy by creating a life that is designed by and unique to them, and employees very rarely invest in these type of programs. In fact, they very rarely even register for or consume my free tools or content. Employees of other companies are more security-oriented - that's why they are employees. 

When I speak to a room full of Entrepreneurs they invest in themselves, in their future, or in prospect for more. Not only do these individuals register and consume my free content, they also buy my courses, enroll in my masterminds, or even seek private coaching. These people are entrepreneurs because they crave more from life than security, and they know that being secure will never be enough for them. They invest and constantly step into higher levels of uncertainty, the unknown, and they throw themselves in the middle of healthy risk. That's why they are entrepreneurs. 

But every once in a while a security-oriented person feels their soul craving expansion over security, and that's when everything changes. They experience an internal cracking open like the seed of a tree rupturing, and they begin to absorb the water and nutrients required to grow. When they sprout, they keep reaching for the sun and keep growing higher and higher. I've seen these types of people seek security for decades only to finally blossom into the freedom of entrepreneurism and the unlimited rewards of uncertainty, the unknown, and healthy risk. When their soul gets tired of playing it safe and they listen, they explode into growth. 

Wherever You Are is OK

Wherever you are is ok. You don't have to be anywhere else to be "normal". If where you are feels right to you, then accept yourself absolutely. If you love security, I want that for you. If you want expansion, I want that for you. If you are ready to move from security to expansion, I want that for you too. 

And when you are ready to reach higher highs, when you're ready to leave the safety and security of now for the prospect of a brighter future, and when you're ready to lose what you have today in order to increase the return on that investment, just reach out your hand so I can grab it. It's more fun when we grow with a community of like-minded people.

The most wealthy, successful, and happy people on the planet never feel like they need to do it alone. If you're growth oriented, you're my people and I want to be part of your journey.


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