Are You Ready To Open The Door To New Circumstances?

Mar 09, 2022

When I look back to 6 years ago, I can see how radically different my life is from that time - which was by far the darkest of my life. In March of 2016 I had just gotten terminated from my second executive-level position in 20 months, I was 300 lbs of undisciplined chaos, abusive to my wife and kids, my home was full of deception, drama, and conflict, and I was suicidal because I hated myself at such a deep level. 

A lot has changed since then. My home life is amazing because of the peace and love we enjoy, I have lost nearly 100 lbs., I've built a coaching and consulting business which I adore and allows me to live life on my terms.  I realize how significant, valuable, and how much of a miracle I am - just like everyone else. 

What changed? My beliefs about life. That's it. 

Your beliefs create your outcomes, so by choosing and impressing higher level beliefs into your subconscious mind, your life begins to shift accordingly. Sounds woo-woo, that's true, but if you want to change your life circumstances, embrace the woo. There are closed doors to higher level outcomes in your life that can open once you know how.

Here's what I used to believe about life and about myself:

  • Life is hard.
  • Making money is hard.
  • I need to work hard.
  • Marriage is hard.
  • If it’s not hard, it’s not valuable.
  • If I enjoy exercise, it’s not hard enough.
  • I’m dumb because I don’t remember and think like everyone else.
  • It’s selfish to choose myself.
  • It’s selfish to want for myself.
  • It’s ok to abuse my body.
  • Other people’s needs matter more than my own.
  • I can’t be honest and loved at the same time.
  • Rich people are greedy and evil.
  • Sex is dirty.
  • Conflict and drama are normal.
  • Life is dangerous.
  • I am not valuable.
  • God is angry, punitive, and petulant.
  • I need to make people happy.
  • People need to make me happy.
  • All selling is coercion, manipulation, and self-serving.
  • I am disposable and easily replaceable.
  • I am lazy.
  • Self-acceptance and self-love are soft.
  • I can’t defend myself.
  • People don’t want to help or can’t help me.
  • I need to meet other’s standards.
  • Relationships are permanent.
  • There’s good and bad.
  • I know things.

Reflect on that list. There's literally zero chance that anyone holding those beliefs could possibly find any joy in this lifetime. Everything was hard. Everything was a struggle. 

And the craziest part about the way I lived life was when things came easily, I either pushed them away because I was skeptical and cynical, or I made things harder to try to justify receiving them. 

Each week I release an episode of my podcast Lead. Love. Profit. Play., and most weeks I release a blog article on my website. I hold multiple day intensive workshops, and I facilitate an awesome mastermind. In all of the content and all of these channels for teaching and coaching the most valuable pearl of wisdom I can share is that you hold the key to shifting any circumstance by changing your beliefs. 


Identify the Current Belief

If you look at the circumstance you want to change, you are currently holding beliefs that have created that circumstance. The wealth you're holding is because of your beliefs about wealth. The success you're experiencing is because of your beliefs about success. The quality of your relationships is because of your beliefs about relationships. Your health is because of your beliefs about physical, mental, and emotional health. 

The first thing you need to do is identify the struggle or obstacle that you are creating with your beliefs. 

  1. Identify the circumstance you want to change.
  2. Close your eyes and get into a super relaxed state. 
  3. Without questioning the answer your subconscious mind delivers to you immediately, ask yourself a question about your circumstance such as making money is..., or relationships are..., or success is..., or health is....
  4. Observe and note the response.

If you do this exercise enough and ask the right questions, you'll come to understand the beliefs you hold. 


Identify a Higher Level Belief

This one is more difficult without sharing your beliefs with someone who already has what you want. The reason someone else has what you want is because they believe something different about that thing. 

In my mastermind we share our challenges and beliefs, and it's easier to spot the limitations in belief systems with transparency in a group setting. 

Now that you've identified the limiting belief, you get to choose a higher level belief to adopt. Don't worry about how "realistic" the belief is. You'll be surprised of the infinite possibilities life brings to us when we dare to dream about what we want instead of what we don't want. This is where the adage expect miracles comes from. 

Whatever you dare to believe, you'll eventually see evidence in the world of how your belief is true. That's why with anything, two people see the same thing completely differently. One person sees an obstacle, and another sees a puzzle or opportunity. One person sees death, and another person sees rebirth. One person sees ugliness, and another person sees beauty. What you believe determines what you'll see in the world and how you'll experience life. 

Decide what you want to believe about your circumstance so that we can install that new belief. 


Installing the New Belief

Take your new belief and reflect on your life up until this point. I bet if you reflect enough you'll be able to identify how this belief was already true at some point in your life. Maybe you experienced the opposite 99 times, but I bet if you dig deep enough you'll already find evidence in your life of how this new belief is true. 

The reason we're going to install the new belief is so that we can shift the relationship between the 99 experiences of what you didn't want, and the one time when you did get exactly what you want. The reason you didn't get what you want is because you believed and were looking for evidence that what you didn't want was true. It's time to reflect on and look for what you want in the world - instead of what you don't want. 

So take that new belief and the evidence of when this belief was true, and get really comfortable in a quiet (preferably dark) room. Bring that new belief and experience to mind, and hold it in your mind's eye. Allow all the positive and beautiful emotions that came with that experience flood into your body. Hold that experience in mind, feel all the feelings in your body, and verbally repeat your new belief. Do this as long as you can possibly stand it the first time. Repeat this exercise daily for 15-20 minutes. When you are finished the exercise, take inspired action driven by the truth of the new belief, not action to distract yourself or to validate the old belief. You need to meet life half-way. 

Over time by holding that visual in your mind's eye, feeling those emotions in your body, and repeating the new belief, you'll begin to see evidence appear in the world to support this new belief. When you do, don't stop the internal work. Keep going. When your subconscious has fully shifted, there will be no remains of that former belief in your mind, body, and life.  Congratulations! You are a creator!


Putting It All Together

It sounds woo-woo AF, I understand. But when I look back at my life everything shifted when my beliefs shifted. My beliefs shifted when I decided that I could have the circumstance that I wanted easier than I ever imagined up to that point. 

Remember this: your beliefs create your outcomes, your outcomes do not create your beliefs. Keep that in mind and keep shifting your beliefs to newer, easier levels. There's no end to the magic of the internal game of wealth. 


Photo by Kyle Bushnell on Unsplash  


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