Creating Wealth Through Self-Mastery

Oct 14, 2018

Everyone Loves to Help

“How many of you love helping people?” the facilitator asked the audience, emphasizing the word love.

A hand from every one of the 50 or so entrepreneurs and service providers in the audience shot up quickly.

“That’s amazing! How many of you love asking for help?” he asked, again emphasizing the word love.

About five hands went back up, while the remainder of hands remained in their laps.

“Take a look around” said the facilitator, pleased with the result.

“How many of you honestly struggle to ask for help when you need it?” he said coming at the same point from a different angle.

Just about every hand in the room shot up again.

“Everyone loves helping people, but no one loves asking for help” he said with emphasis. “So it is up to those who love to help to offer support to those who need it” he closed. He could have dropped the microphone and walked off stage at that point. He had made his point.

I took what I had just observed and put it into motion immediately to build the business and life of my dreams.

The Beginning

I faced the hard fact that I never wanted to enter the workforce again and work for someone else. This was scary and felt like an enormous task. I had some pretty tough decisions to make, and needed to generate some income, but I didn’t know where to begin. When I began the discovery process, my good friend Art Snarzyk asked me three simple questions to help me understand the foundation of a service-based business:

  • Who do you want to serve that you would get excited to work with on a daily basis?
  • What problem keeps them up at night?
  • How do they feel after you finish working with them?

Said differently later by my current coach and mentor Jaramy Eugene Wilson:

  • Who are the people you serve?
  • What is the problem you solve?
  • What is the pain you save?

Once I defined that for myself, everything else began to fall into place. I love serving executive business leaders. They are in powerful positions and often feel alone. Executives are often awakened by thoughts and feelings that something well within their control will unravel – making them feel like they are an imposter or a fraud. I want to work with them to help them feel that they have a handle on their sphere of control. I want them to feel as powerful and successful inside as they appear to those they lead.

Once I determined people, problem, and pain, it all fell into place rather quickly. When someone asks me what I do instead of saying “I am a coach”, I simply say “Executive business leaders hire me to help them feel as powerful inside as they appear to those they lead.” I call this ‘my immediate impact.’

Once I got clear, the rest was a matter of building confidence and social proof that I could actually help them. I did this by consistently informing everyone of my immediate impact.

The Scarcity Mindset

No one needed me, and no one would pay me. Those were the next hurdles I set out to disprove. I offered my service at little to no cost just to attain social proof; evidence for myself that I could actually help them. I found that people who need help are closer than I thought.

There are 323,400,000 people in the United States. Your limited mind might tell you that no one will need you, but trust me that there are at least 10 people – and there are many more – in the 323 million who will be open to support. The gross domestic product of the United States is $18.57 trillion dollars. That means each year, for every single person in the U.S., $57.5 thousand dollars trades hands. There is an extraordinary amount of money available, and people spend it willingly and generously – sometimes frivolously. The right people will certainly spend willingly to solve their biggest problem. For a family of 4, if your income is not $230 thousand, you are leaving tremendous opportunity in the world.

In the beginning, I asked my clients for testimonials as compensation. I found ways to increase my social credibility through social media, posting blogs, creating and sharing content, and by demonstrating results. As time went on I began asking prospects to pay me more. I continued increasing the price of my services as my confidence and social credibility increased.

‘The easiest way to get a higher price is to ask.’ This is so simple and so true. People will pay for solutions to their problems if they want them solved. The only reason they won’t is because you do not offer your help. Like the scene above – most will never ask, so you need to offer.

Growing My Business

The process for growing my business was simple and effective. It scaled super-quickly once I followed this process:

  1. Recognize and develop the value I provide – ‘my immediate impact.’
  2. Give that value away generously – maybe free at first.
  3. Receive at increasing amounts as your confidence and ability to receive increases.
  4. Reinvest in your business to increase your strength of message, reach, and impact.
  5. Keep the flywheel going at increasing momentum and growth.


The Cycle of Value Creation and How to Build Wealth
The Cycle of Value Creation, How to Build Wealth, and Blocks to Prosperity


I have found that there are 3 fundamental issues which will prevent the flywheel from starting or continuing. These three could impact an individual’s ability to create substantial service-based wealth:

  1. Lack of confidence to generate value in someone else’s outcomes and results with your solutions.
  2. Money shame and guilt, which are tied to poor money mindset and heart-set.
  3. WIIFM – What’s in it for me, the ultimate death knell to recognizing and feeling prosperous.

These three are mental and emotional issues, and all can be resolved and healed. My journey was one of self-mastery, and I’ve witnessed and coached many clients through dramatic shifts in outcomes through an intense inner journey.

Building Wealth Through Self-Mastery

Self-mastery is a process of building unshakable confidence, courage, clarity, resolve, persistence, and strength in order to show up in the world powerfully and significantly. The philosophy creates results and outcomes in your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, relational, and financial aspects, creating momentum daily at increasing levels.

Through self-mastery, you will build the inner confidence to not only show up powerfully, but the courage serve others powerfully from a perspective of service and love – which creates shifts and massive outcomes. When you focus on the outside, you will always grasp for more. When you focus on your inner confidence, courage, and clarity, your inner world will become powerful. Then your outer world will easily fall into place to serve your needs and desires.

Self-mastery creates business-mastery.

The Invitation

Are you ready to create massive outcomes and wealth in your life and the lives of others? I invite you to connect with me. We will partner on a journey of self-mastery which will empower you to show up in the world at a level of significance which will enable abundance to flow to you. I will lead, coach, and guide you on your journey. We will build powerful mindsets, heart-sets, and skill-sets which will create the outcomes you seek.

I will help you realize that your dreams are fully available.

I’d love to connect with you! Reach out to seek more information about me and coaching with me. If you are ready to define outcomes you seek and the obstacles you might face, schedule a free session with me.

Whatever action you take, realize that you are more powerful than you can ever realize. The sooner you realize your power, the more fulfilling life will unfold.

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