Create Your Dream Life in 2024!

Jan 01, 2024
zachary schaefer, Brittani Cooper

My wife Angie and I are living the life we dreamt of years ago. We attended a weekend workshop to create a vision for our lives, and we immediately saw some things begin to change around us. It's like the universe went into action on our behalf. It was like magic. And from that point on, I began to believe in magic. At least I learned that life was my ally, not my adversary. 

Over the past seven years, I've learned that life wants whatever I want for myself. There was a time when I didn't believe this was true. For whatever reason, I lived like life was against me; the odds were not in my favor, and I needed to "overcome" life. That's what made my life so hard. Life is not hard. It's a lack of trust in life that makes life so hard. 

Our life together looks nothing like it did back then. We now live in harmony instead of constant conflict, with time freedom instead of someone else owning our time, abundant financial margin instead of feeling like we are in financial peril, and health instead of addiction. We shifted this by getting clear about what we wanted and moving towards it instead of constantly trying to avoid what we didn't want. 

That's the difference between someone who is creating instead of surviving. Most people know what they don't want and spend their lives avoiding it. That's survival mode. Creators know exactly what they want and move towards it. That's creation mode. The difference between the two is the incredible wealth, success, freedom, and happiness levels. 

I teach this creation process in our Inner Wealth Mastermind and on my podcast, The Inner Wealth Podcast. It's not a difficult process to implement. It will take higher levels of belief in yourself, trust in life, and being willing to suspend any belief that life needs to be full of struggle and stress. Not everyone's willing to make those shifts, but those who do get to enjoy a fulfilling life that never stops giving. 


Meet Zach and Brittani

When our mastermind student (now Inner Circle member) Zachary Schaefer and I started working together, he wanted a powerful and loving relationship. He was coming out of a broken relationship. Zach has been blessed in many ways, including health, wealth, and success, but creating a loving family has always been his most desired circumstance. Family is his priority, and he yearned for a deeply intimate, powerful, connected relationship with a woman who wanted the same.

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, he married the woman of his dreams, the former Brittani Cooper, and he has exactly what he said he wanted a few years ago. We started this work a few years ago, and now he has exactly what he's always wanted. He always had the power to create an awesome relationship, but he was trying to force it, and he created a struggle where struggle didn't need to exist.

There’s a very simple process to create anything you want in your life, and Zach learned it and used it. 


The Process

As you set goals and cast a vision for 2024, remember this: whatever vision you hold in mind for your life immediately begins to take shape. It might not happen fast enough to satisfy your impatience, but your life instantaneously begins moving in that direction. If you hold a clear vision in mind, with certainty that it will take shape, and you remain committed to that vision - giving life, the universe, God, or whatever you want to call our creator long enough, your vision will be made manifest.

In order to fully see your dreams become reality, some new things will need to move into your life, while some expired things will be required to exit your life. Don’t celebrate the new while freaking out over the loss of the old because both are required.

To make this process the most powerful in your life:

  1. Get clear about the vision for your health, wealth, impact, and relationships. Most people know exactly what they don't want, and that's why they keep creating more of it in their lives. You need to get clear about what you want - what your spirit wants to experience in the world. Very few people know exactly what they want. But that is the most important step.
  2. Write it down as if it is already true. This is called your vision. This will make sure you are anchoring your life to the right path. Say yes to anything that aligns with your vision, and say no to anything that does not.
  3. Read and review your vision daily - more is better. As you review it, your mind and body rewire to create it by seeing opportunities where you once saw challenges. You'll almost immediately witness synchronicities and coincidences that were always there - you couldn't recognize them.
  4. Enter meditation each day, visualizing the future you are creating for as long as you can. This further anchors your vision into your mind and body by rewiring your neuropathways to believe higher-level beliefs, think higher-level thoughts, feel higher-level emotions, and act in higher-level ways aligned with your vision. Through meditation, you'll prepare your mind and body to receive what you want. I have free mediations for creation available for free on YouTube here (which might include advertisements), or you can purchase all of my meditations without ads here.
  5. Take daily inspired action in the direction of your vision. This is critical. Nothing in this world shows up without some action. But the action doesn't need stressful, desperate, painful, or obsessive action. Find inspiring and fun actions, and this begins the process of rearranging the world to allow your circumstances to manifest.
  6. Eliminate anything from your life that doesn’t align. Who you are, the things you have, the people in your life, and the choices you make got you here, and they will not get you to the next level. If anything is in conflict with your vision, it must be eliminated from your life. This is often a major block for people because they want something higher but want to remain the same. Things in your life keep you where you are; they must go before you are in full integrity with your vision. And only when you're in integrity will your dreams come true.
  7. Observe any worry, doubt, or fear of failure, let it go instantly, and immediately shift to a higher thought. Many think that what prevents people from having what they want is in action or lack of action. Action is required, but most of the distance between where you are and where you want to be is psychological - in the beliefs you hold, thoughts you think, and the emotions you feel. We like to call this mindset, but it's just creating higher levels of certainty in your mind and body and taking inspired action from that place. You can have anything you want in this world = as long as you believe you can have it.
  8. Take notice of new opportunities and circumstances in your life. They will show up. When new opportunities and circumstances appear, don't dismiss them as coincidence - there's no such thing as coincidence. You can call them magic, manifestation, God-winks, or whatever you want. Observe, acknowledge, and take ownership of them - no matter how big or small.
  9. Allow, embrace, and receive new circumstances as they show up. Some people get scared when they start getting what they want; then they back off. I've seen people dream about a circumstance and not take delivery when it appears. They don't want to believe they can create what they want, so they keep it away. When you see that you can create anything you want - and you will - you'll have no more excuses to plead victim or cast blame again. That's too scary for a lot of people.
  10. Trust the process more each time it works - and it works only always. As you see your life change a little or a lot, elevate your level of trust in the process. This will help you gain a sense of true inner peace and inner wealth. You'll recognize that you'll always get what you need exactly when you need it. And when you trust at that level, you'll put survival mode to rest once and for all. 


Bringing it all Together

Creation isn’t just a game of setting goals and killing yourself with spasmodic and desperate action. That means you don’t trust yourself or the process. It’s about knowing that you are much more powerful than you’ve ever given yourself credit for and that life wants for you what you want for yourself. The what is up to you. The how and when are not. But when you follow this process. It’s only a matter of trust and time.

And if you ever want to join forces with Inner Wealth Global to make your vision become true, we're always looking for more people to teach the process and win together with. 

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