Do You Trust Life?

Sep 29, 2021

I shifted from a disastrous life to a beautiful life because of one word: trust. 

I know it's hard to believe, but everything changed when I decided to trust myself, trust my talents, trust my intuition, trust my desires, and most importantly, to trust life. 

Years later, learning to trust has shown me that life is not hard - it's lack of trust in life that makes life so difficult. 


We're Taught to Not Trust Life

I'm not sure about you, but most people I know, including myself, were taught that life is hard, life is dangerous, people are dangerous, making money is hard, everyone's trying to steal from you, it's better to be safe than sorry, and many more painful beliefs. Not once when I was growing up did my parents, teachers, pastors, and other authority figures tell me that I could trust life to bring me what I needed, and that I was protected and safe. 

In essence I was taught to not trust life. That created fear, paranoia, and decades of trying to find a way to feel certain, safe, and secure. When you don't trust life, the possibility of ever feeling these feelings is non-existence. You're just chasing ghosts. 

When you don't trust, you can't feel certain, safe, and secure under any circumstance. 


What if We Made the Shift to Trust

In 2016 I was faced with a life or death decision: pull the trigger and end my life or not pull the trigger and figure out a different way to live. I realized I had nothing figured out, so I needed to wipe the board clean and start all over. All of the beliefs, perspectives, and opinions I held got me to that point and I felt broken, so there was no use holding on to any of it. 

I made the decision to let go of anything and everything I had learned up to that point. I quickly realized that I had a damaged relationship with myself and life. I felt like what I wanted wasn't ok, and that life had made what I wanted impossible anyway. 

I was challenged by my mentor to begin to trust myself and to trust life. At first I didn't know what that meant, but I quickly learned. All of the things I loved to do - speak, create, write, inspire, motivate, and empower others - I always thought these were just hobbies.  99% of the time I worked for someone else doing things I hated, and for that I was rewarded by being able to do what I loved for 1%. That was all born out of mistrust and self-rejection. 

I began to trust that these desires and passions I held were powerful and valuable. I chose to begin trusting that I could be those things all the time and still succeed.  I decided to trust life and dive into the pool of uncertainty. 

My business was born out of the decisions to trust myself and to trust life. As I leaned more into my desires and passions, life began to deliver more opportunities for me to execute and demonstrate my passions - and people began to pay for them. 

Life was teaching me that I could trust it, and that it wanted for me what I wanted for myself. Life has proven that to me over and over. Of course worry, doubt, and fear still creep in occasionally, and these concerns are mostly around a single question: what if the faucet of goodness just suddenly shuts off? When I recognize that I'm not trusting life, I let go of worry, doubt, and fear, and jump back into the pool of uncertainty. 

Life has proven to me over and over that I have nothing to worry about concerning my safety and security as long as I trust myself and life to help me navigate all challenges and obstacles. And I always come through. Life always comes through for me. 


Do You Trust That Life Wants for You What You Want for You?

I challenge you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions: do I trust that if I did only things I was passionate about I would win? Do I trust that I could stop fighting for survival and survive? Do I trust that life wants for me what I want for myself? Do I trust myself? Do I trust life?

Get really clear about these questions because the answers will be game-changers. If you fully trust life, I trust that you have all that you need and that you feel certain, safe, and secure each day. If you realize that you have an unhealthy relationship with trust, you know the path forward.

The question I have for you is: 

Will you make the game-changing decision to trust life, or will you continue to fight for what you don't actually need to fight for?


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