Do You Trust That Life Supports You?

Nov 02, 2022

Have you ever noticed that out of the 8 billion people on the planet, that the majority, I’d say 95% or more, are trying to get what they want, avoid what they don’t want, feel pleasure, not feel pain, feel safe and secure, not feel uncertainty or risk, feel loved, not feel lonely, and most importantly most are trying to create and rearrange circumstances in their life in an attempt to be ok? Have you ever taken time to notice how frantically people are running around in an attempt to do more, have more, and be more, and they do all of this to try to manage their mental and emotional states?

Most people on this planet are trying to rearrange their lives to feel ok. The human condition centers on worry, doubt, and fear which stem from the fear of loss, the feeling that we’re not good enough, and the feeling that we don’t matter. People are trying to feel certain and safe, and they will create massive amounts of stress and pain in their life to do it. 

Doesn’t this all sound chaotic to you? If not it’s probably because you’re living this same conditioned life. From reading the above, are you going from experience to experience trying to change the thoughts in your mind and the feelings in your body? Are you trying to experience things for the mental and emotional payoff? Instead of you taking control of what’s happening in your body and mind, are you looking to objects, outcomes, and circumstances to think and feel better about life?

If you are, you’re in the majority. So, you can feel good about that. Unfortunately, that’s the same majority that starts wars to feel safe, steals out of desperation, judges others for what they are and are not, lives at the expense of others, votes for the party that will serve your own interests, destroys the environment, neglect parts of our society, and many other choices and decisions which promote self-serving interests at the expense of the population.


The Bottom Line

Most people are afraid to feel discomfort, and they don’t know how to manage what’s happening in their mind and body. If everyone took control of their own internal mental and emotional states and knew how to manage and resolve the conflict raging inside of them, wars would literally end. You read that right. Most people are living in a heightened state of internal conflict, so they wage war on the world. Achievement at the expense of others, cheating on your spouse, theft, lies, deception, addiction, hostility toward others, allowing people to starve while a few thrive, political attacks, religions of guilt, shame, and damnation, poverty, making harmful choices to yourself and others are all forms of and impacts of people waging war in the world.

I’m not suggesting that life will be absent of challenges and obstacles, or we would live in a fairy-tale paradise. I’m implying that if everyone was aware of their own internal conflicts and were actively working to resolve them by facing and healing them instead of rearranging the world to make themselves feel better, the world would be a place of abundant peace, love, and joy. Instead, we control and manipulate others, we try to get others to help us feel safe, we elect leaders and rely on religions that bury us in laws, doctrine, and structures that keep us captive instead of ever setting us free.

I’m suggesting that instead of living and letting live, we try to get each other to do whatever it is we think we need them to do for us to feel whatever it is we want to feel.  We do this in our relationships, in our businesses and careers, in our world at large. If I can just get all 8 billion people to do exactly what I want them to do, then I can finally feel ok. Do you feel the chaos in that approach to life?


How Do I See This All So Clearly?

 Because I lived it for 43 years until I started to wake up to the pain that was inside of me. When I finally saw the trauma, torment, and pain that I had locked inside of me which I was trying to run from, it all finally clicked. I was trying build a life around my pain and fear instead of resolving the pain and fear and living an awesome life. When I realized that I could witness the painful stories, experiences, and memories that I had trapped away, and when I finally realized that I was making decisions and choices to try to avoid feeling all this pain, everything began to shift.

I learned to let go of the pain instead of trying to hide from it, ignore it, or suppress it. When I let it go, I feel lighter and freer. Of course, I need to see it for it really is, I get to become courageous enough to not hide the truth from myself, and I get to feel it, face it, and finally let it go. That creates real freedom and liberation, because once the buried pain and suffering releases, you never need to face it again. You might need to clean up the mess you made running from the pain, but you never need to face it again in the same way.

Most people on the planet are running from fear, uncertainty, risk, and death. This is an unconscious way to live. We’re here to be more than an avoider of all things we don’t like. We’re here to experience and thrive in all that life has to offer - and drop our preferences along the way. Life is perfect as-is, and it’s our conflicts with life that create pain and suffering. The world was here long before you were born, and it will be here long after you’re gone. It’s not your job to try to make it in your image, according to your preferences. Of course, you’re here to make a difference. But that doesn’t mean that you have the authority to manipulate life for your benefit. It’s your job to learn to enjoy what life has to offer, and it has a lot to offer as soon as we stop fighting life.


Here's The Secret Sauce

When we let go of our resistance to life, our preferences, our pain, our battles, and what we think life “should” look life, life becomes more beautiful and meaningful for us. When we stop our hand-to-hand combat approach to life, we find that life was always our ally, we couldn’t see it because we were too busy try to force life to meet our demands. We were busy trying to pin life, and in a battle between you and life, life will win. You will die, and life goes on. You lose. Why not enjoy every second of the decade that you have on this planet?

Before I made the leap into the void of trusting life, I used to go places I didn’t want to go, to do things I didn’t want to do, I worked for people I didn’t want to work for, and I did things I didn’t want to do, all kicking and screaming, because I didn’t feel like my needs would be met if I lived according to my inspiration, natural talents, and living from a state of surrender. When I finally made the jump, I finally got to experience that life really is supportive. You can call it whatever you want, God, universe, source, life, it doesn’t matter to me what you call it because it’s all the same thing, it wants for us what we want for ourselves.

By shifting from struggle and stress to expressing my true nature and share what I’m naturally inclined to share with the world, I make more money, have had more success, and I’m happier than I ever thought possible. When I shifted from fighting life to trusting life, everything expanded. I learned that life is not difficult. It’s lack of trust in life that makes life so difficult.


The Final Question

So let me ask you, do you trust life to support you, or do you feel like you’re all alone fighting for survival? The answer to that question will show you why you feel safe, or why you constantly feel the distortion of insecurity.

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