Feeling Leads to Healing

May 27, 2020

Are you concerned more about creating extraordinary impact and making a massive difference in the world…

Or nurturing relationships with, and the feelings, emotions, and judgments of those who were never aligned with you to begin with?

I’ve spent too much time on the latter and I’ve held myself back.

I can honestly say that I’ve tried to manage impact and the judgment of others, and effectively did neither well.

Today I’m feeling all the emotions around wanting to be wanted more than I want to create impact. More has been revealed to me, and I feel emotional rawness.

Feeling is the secret sauce.

Because I feel the deep thorn of the fear of rejection, abandonment, and neglect…

I get to heal more of those painful aspects within myself…

And there’s always more.

Impact and making a difference matters more to me, but I tried to walk the line to be wanted.

That’s the little, hurt boy inside trying to not be abandoned or neglected any longer.

That little boy is safe and loved, even when he doesn’t feel so safe and loved.

Feeling is the secret. I get to feel it to heal it.

Discomfort is growth.

I’m resolved to increase impact and the difference I make…

And the feelings, emotions, and judgment of others are theirs…

Not mine.

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