Life: Enjoy the Ride

Sep 16, 2020

I don’t believe that struggle is a necessary part of life, and here’s why:

Life contains natural turbulence. Life is certainly not a smooth ride where everything goes according to expectations and plans.

I view it as similar to getting on a plane. We choose our destination before the flight. We sit down buckle up and pull out our search-a-word book. The plane takes off and the seatbelt sign goes off. At some point, the captain says, “there’s going to be a little turbulence, so I’m turning the seatbelt sign back on.” Then we bump around for a bit and survive the turbulence. The plane lands.

When we hit the turbulence we can either get angry and fight it, or just let it be and continue with our search-a-word. But either way, the turbulence is there.

We’re not the captain, so all we can do is just sit there and breathe. We’re not in control of the conditions, the plane, the flight pattern, or the air traffic. We control nothing.


Just Hang On For the Ride

Getting emotional and trying to stop and “fix” the turbulence only causes unnecessary struggle that has no effect.

The plane lands and we’re on our way. The fact that there was turbulence becomes an afterthought, but it was scary and bumpy while it happened.

I feel that the plane taking off is birth. We were already a living creation when we buckled up for the new adventure, and this plane flight wasn’t the beginning of our life, but a new experience.

We’re in no kind of control, just like the captain and the turbulence. We can fight against the turbulence, but it will have no impact. When we hold on and let it play out, we’ll be ok.

The plane lands and life goes on, but our air adventure is over. We don’t die. Our souls live on.


We Choose Stress and Struggle

Turbulence is natural and will happen regardless. If we fight it, that becomes an unnecessary struggle. If we let go and relax, we’ll be struggle- and stress-free and we’ll survive the turbulence and continue on to our destination.

We just get to choose how we show up during turbulence. But either way, whether we resist it or not, it’s going to happen, and fighting it has no impact at all.

But maybe we need to keep fighting the turbulence until we ultimately get to see that fighting is actually robbing us of the joy of the experience. Stress and struggle, in my opinion, are optional. Maybe we’re all just being taught to let go.

Maybe that’s the whole point.



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