Life Happens for Us, Always

Apr 15, 2020

I’ve almost committed suicide and I’ve experienced the fullness of life.

I’ve been celebrated in front of hundreds for my messages of infinite purpose and potential, and I’ve been walked out of two businesses with a small box of belongings.

I’ve been obese, and I’ve been too skinny.

I’ve feared for both of my children’s lives as they struggled to breathe, and I’ve watched them both accomplish things they said they’d never even try.

I’ve had more money than I ever knew what to do with, and I’ve felt like I was bankrupt.

I’ve filed for divorce, and I’ve felt the love, passion, intensity, and acceptance of that same person as I finally understood the term soulmate.

I’ve been highly successful, and I’ve failed often.

I’ve felt invincible, and I’ve felt worthless and weak.

I’ve been accepted by my peers, and I’ve had that same group turn their backs on me.

I’ve felt heaven, and I’ve felt hell.

I’ve felt the hopelessness of alcoholism, and I’ve felt the liberation and freedom of sobriety.

I’ve felt pure bliss, and I’ve felt the depths of shame.

Which parts are my favorites?

All of them.

Life is perfect. Life happens for us, always.

In order to fully appreciate the light, we must experience the dark.

Life is life. It is not good or bad.

It is.

It’s our preferences that cause all of the suffering we experience.

When we drop our preferences and accept what’s in front of us…

We get to enjoy all of it.

It all serves us. It’s our preferences that get in our way of enjoying the entire rollercoaster.

We can choose to be happy at the bottom of the mountain and the top.

We never need to wait to decide to enjoy life.

Life is perfect.

It’s the lack of trust in life which makes life so difficult.

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