Life Lessons

Jul 29, 2020

This is a very personal blog post. Deep realizations for me, and I am grateful for a channel to share my soul and my life’s lessons.

Who you serve and who you sit around a campfire with matters.

Professionally, I’ve worked with people who struggle with both internal happiness and financial success. They are often stuck and will not get out of their own way. There is nothing anyone can do to help. These folks are not fun because they make excuses and claim victim. I grew beyond working with them quickly.


The Strugglers

I’ve also worked with people who are doing the work to find internal happiness but struggle financially. Most of these folks refuse to move past limiting beliefs that success is shallow and superficial. Some will, but often their heads are in the clouds. They mostly feel that money is a problem instead of a solution. I cannot help that.


The Hungry Ones

And I’ve worked with successful people who are seeking internal happiness. These people are amazing to work with because they are hungry and money is not their problem. They are financially successful for a reason and money is simply not a problem for them. They hold powerful money beliefs. They will invest in themselves in a second because they know they’re worth it, and their hunger drives them to do the work. When I launch new stuff, these people bite every time because they see the value of learning, growth, and new ways of showing up in the world.

These people are my target market. I LOVE working with these people because they will do anything to grow – just like me. They are more committed to growth than comfort, and the desire to live a wealthy life in every sense. Pure bliss.


My Inner Circle

Finally, there are people that I’ve encountered who are internally happy AND have financial success. Sometimes I work with these people because they are always looking to keep their edge and learn new things. But our bond goes deeper.

These are the people I sit around a campfire with. These people are my friends and inner circle. When I have a new idea, these are the people I message because I trust them with my whole being, and they get it… happiness AND success both matter.

They value and are not out to destroy themselves. Meanwhile, they do not invite struggle into their lives – and they value each breath. I only have a few of these folks in my life and they are precious to me.


Guard Your Space

In business, you can’t save people, and you can’t serve everyone. Working with successful people is so much easier than trying to help people who aren’t open to being helped.

The most important lesson I’ve discovered in this process…

You become who you hang out with. Guard yourself and your space and time, always.

If you’re surrounded by poverty and struggle, poverty and struggle will become you.

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