Make It About Other People

Apr 07, 2021

Do you focus on self-preservation or making a difference in the world? If you are stuck in self-obsession or just focusing on building a life for yourself, you’ll never fully feel happiness and freedom. Growth is the norm, unless we keep ourselves stuck. Focus on expanding, on helping others. Making a difference will bring success, happiness, and freedom to every aspect of your life.


Do You Focus On Making a Life or Making a Difference?

Most people I engage with will willingly and voluntarily admit that there’s something in their life that they want to grow – it could be their wealth, their health or their relationships.

But we are human beings, and by nature and genetics, we are expansive creatures. We look to grow at all times. Stagnancy – staying the same – makes us begin the process of death. So, we love to expand our circumstances and grow in every dimension of life.

Growth is the norm, unless we keep ourselves stuck.

There are people who are scared to grow. They’re stuck. They’re paralyzed by fear, insecurity, inadequacy, indifference. There are people who want to grow and expand, but are paralyzed by the lower-level fears, anxieties and doubts. They grasp just to try to stay the same.

When we are just trying to preserve life and hold on (survival mode), consider this – that’s a form of self-obsession. 

When you are so focused on just surviving in your life, that contains seeds and elements of self-obsession.

When you’re so obsessed with survival and yourself – your circumstances, your bank account and your quality of life – there’s really no way to feel like you’re making a difference in the world.

Here’s the shift I would like you to consider: no matter what your circumstances, no matter where you are, I recognize that you want to evolve. Self-obsession is not the way to grow and evolve and find happiness and freedom in your life. But the shift from wanting more just to preserve your own life, to truly feeling happiness significance and freedom in the world, shift from self-obsession to literally looking to make a difference in your own life – through your life – in the lives of others.

It will change how you show up in life. Self-obsession and just focusing on your life circumstances will never bring you happiness and freedom. It might bring you material success, but never happiness and freedom.

In order to feel all of it – success, happiness and freedom – we need to shift from self-obsession to literally making a difference and an impact in the world with our authentic gifts and talents and uniqueness.

Make it about other people. Help other people get what they want and you’ll never need another thing the rest of your life.

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