Prosperity Principle #3 - Physical Well-Being

Jun 23, 2021

We're on a journey to walk through all seven of my prosperity principles and today we're going to talk about Prosperity Principle #3, but first I want to recap what we've already done.

Prosperity Principle #1 is about knowing yourself, embracing yourself, accepting yourself – your talents, gifts, desires, purpose, and destiny.

It’s about understanding your challenges and your obstacles and literally allowing yourself to be authentic at all times.

Prosperity Principle #2 is about dreams. Small dream, small life. Big dream, big life. The bigger you dream, the bigger your outcomes today.

Prosperity Principle #3 moves us into personal power. Your physical capacity determines the energy, enthusiasm, and stamina you'll have to create your vision.

Personal power is about fully owning your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states and allowing yourself to be at your very best at all times. That’s physical well-being.

Prosperity Principle #3 is required to make sure that you have the energy, enthusiasm, agility, stamina to create your dream and to live your destiny to live your purpose to fully allow yourself to embark on the journey that you are here to embark on.

So, when I started this journey five years ago, I was 300 pounds. I had a very toxic relationship with alcohol and food.

I would put anything into my mouth that I possibly could, and I didn't exercise. I knew better but I wouldn't do better.

I made conscious choices to not do better on a daily basis and I was always fatigued and apathetic. I didn't have a lot of enthusiasm for life and you could see it in my body because you can see how somebody perceives life and how someone perceives themselves in their physical state.

You can look at them and see how much they actually appreciate love and enjoy themselves and how much they appreciate and accept and embrace and love life.

There was an acronym given to me five years ago – OWNER (oxygen water nutrition exercise and rest). These are the five simple basic blocks to create physical well-being , your physical power:

Oxygen is required, and not just regular breathing. I'm talking about stopping 10 times a day and deeply breathing. Allow your body to get saturated with oxygen because fear, anxiety, and depression cannot live in a well-oxygenated body. It requires you to come back and to make sure that you are getting the oxygen that your body and your mind requires.

Hydration – make sure you stay ahead of the hydration curve, because the last thing you want, if you're to fully live your dream, you can't have your cells fighting for survival. You must give your cells the hydration that they require in order to not just survive but to thrive.

Nutrition – only putt the very best nutrition into your body. Putting things into your body that serve your energy and purpose – that allow you to grow and increase in strength and stamina and vitality.

Exercise – make sure that your body is being stretched on a daily basis, and that your muscles are moving. Make sure that energy is flowing through your body. Make sure you're doing things to increase and expand your physical well-being from an exercise perspective.

Rest – this one might be the most important of them all. I build my life around my pocket of sleep not the other way around

If you're well oxygenated, hydrated, and giving yourself the proper nutrition that it needs, and you're exercising, your rest will likely fall into place naturally. But if you give yourself these five things, your physical well-being will increase and as your physical well-being increases, so will your ability to serve your unique purpose in this lifetime.

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