Retrain Your Body to Feel Joy

Nov 16, 2022

When we don't know better, ife has a way of helping us get stuck in a constant state of worry, fear, and doubt. If you look around at that people in your life living in a state of struggle,, most of them believe "that's the way it is."

It's doesn't have to be. You've trained your mind and body how to live in a constant state of worry, fear, and doubt. If you want better, you can retrain your body to feel peace, love, and joy. But you can't keep living the same life, doing the same things, and expect different outcomes. You must do the things that will create the results you want.

In this article I'm going to tell you about an age-old practice which has created extraordinary peace, love, and joy in my life. I'm certain it will help you too. 


Emotions and External Circumstances

Think about what you want more of in your life. Really get clear about what you look to create more of in your day-to-day activities and patterns. 

Some want more money. Some focus on strengthening relationships. Some work on their health. 

These are all great and admirable aims and goals. We each deserve more of these things in our life if we desire them. But if you dive a layer deeper, there's always a desire beneath the desire. 

What you really want is the emotional payoff from these things. If you worry about money, you might want more money to feel safe and secure. If you fear being alone or fear losing someone, you want to feel love and loved. If you feel unhealthy or fear disease or death, you might focus on your health to feel healthy. If you get honest with yourself, in every circumstance that you want to see expand in your life you want the emotion you've assigned to that circumstance. Maybe feeling wealthy, connected, and vital. 

it's important to see that your past experiences have convinced you that circumstances create emotions, but, when your circumstances expanded or matched your desires, you simply allowed yourself to feel an emotion. You are the chooser of your feelings at any time. Over time your mind and body create a baseline thought and feeling connection, and you are convinced that you need your external world to change for your internal world to change. 

But you don't. You only need to decide that you want to feel different. Then you get to retrain your mind and body to live in that new state of mind and body connection. It's all up to you how you think and feel about life. 


Elevated Feelings Before Expanded Circumstances

One time in my mastermind, one of my students expressed that he was struggling financially and was battling massive money fear. I asked a question: "Will you allow yourself to feel wealthy right now?" He sharply responded "No!" I asked, "Why not?" He stated, "Because I'm not wealthy right now."

He was convinced that for his internal condition to change his external condition needed to change. Have you ever thought about a memory from your past, and your body became flooded with emotion associated with that memory? Maybe an awesome vacation, an accident or trauma, or maybe your wedding day. When you think about a memory in the past you can quickly bring yourself to feel an associated feeling, right?

The same works with a future event. If you allow yourself to imagine a desired future experience or circumstance and allow your mind and body to believe it's true now, you can allow your body to become flooded with the associated emotion you desire. You can imagine yourself having an infinite bank account, an awesome marriage, a healthy and vital body, or anything else you want, and you can allow that thought and image to become an emotional feeling in the body. 

Remember, it's the emotional payoff you want from the condition or circumstance. You just think you need the external circumstance to feel the emotion. You can have the feeling right now. Anytime you want.

Let's say you want more success in your business. What you really want is to feel more successful in your life, and you believe you need more success in your business to feel more successful. Your mind and body connection are set to your current state, and by intentionally visualizing success and flooding your body with the feeling of success, you begin retraining your body to feel the higher-level emotion. Over time, with repetition, you will begin thinking and feeling like the more successful business owner before the external results change. 

Here's the fun part: the world you see, and experience is simply a reflection of who you believe yourself to be, and how you feel. When you change your mind and body connection, you'll change your circumstances as well. Feelings precede circumstances. Most people are too busy trying to rearrange the world around them to notice this paradigm shift. 


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has become a pop-culture phenomenon. That's for a reason - it works. I used this concept to change my entire life. Before I had a coaching business I visualized and felt that I had 10 private clients. From this consistent practice people began asking for my services. Before I knew it, I had 16 paying private clients. This stuff works. All I needed to do was rearrange my mind and body connection and act when opportunities presented themselves. If I didn't act, I wouldn't have signed the clients. I acted, and my business grew. 

Today I'm working thinking and feeling like a world-traveling, paid speaker. More speaking opportunities are showing up like magic. Thoughts and feelings create opportunities. The world works from the inside-out. Don't get trapped in the outside-in trap. 


Putting It All Together

Give it a shot. For the next 90 days set aside 15-30 minutes per day and focus on visualizing and feeling like you already have what you want. It will probably be awkward at first. It might feel like you're lying to yourself. Stick with it. It will work. I promise. 

Over those 90 days your mind and body will begin to rewire to think and feel at that elevated state, and you will begin to see things shift in your external world. When you see it work the first time you might dismiss it. Keep experimenting and you'll see that you can create anything you want. 

You want more joyful experiences in your life? Retrain your body to feel joy. From that new state, you'll witness more joy and more joyful opportunities than you ever thought possible. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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