Speak Your Truth

Sep 07, 2022

Do you have the courage to speak your own truth?

I used to feel that there was only one truth, and I questioned if I knew that truth. In fact, since I questioned whether I knew the truth, I felt that I shouldn't or couldn't share my perspectives. Here's what I've learned since: your perspective is your truth. All truth is subjective and changes. Some point to statistics and data as truth, but even statistics and data rely on interpretation and explanation. 

The way you see the world is more than your perspective - it's your current truth. It's ok to speak your truth. 

Let me explain why. 


You See the World Uniquely

There are 8 billion people on this earth. Each one of us has had different life experiences which have shaped our perspectives and how we see the world. Between the ages of 0-7 you are a belief sponge. Whatever your authority figures tell you is true becomes true for you.

If your parents tell you that life is hard, making money is hard, you've got to work hard or you're lazy, money is the root of all evil, and rich people are thieves, then likely you will see these as true until you question them. These are not true at all, but since I was taught these beliefs as truth, I made them true - until I saw that my parents were wrong. But this takes questioning your truth as as real. 

You see the world through your beliefs, and you work hard to prove your beliefs to be true. Your unconscious mind works overtime to bring you experiences which align with your beliefs. When these experiences show up, it further reinforces the beliefs you hold. This is your truth. This is really happening for you, and the life you live is the life you live. 

Your truth is true - for you. Own your truth. You see the world through your beliefs and perspectives. Own your truth. Don't allow people to question your truth. You can question it, and I recommend you do, but don't ever shrink from the truth of what you choose to believe. 


Your Truth Can Change at Any Time

Since your truth is based on your beliefs and perspectives if you change your beliefs and perspectives your truth will change too. Your life and outcomes will change anytime your truth changes. If your life and outcomes are not in alignment with your intentions, choose differently. If your life and outcomes serve and uplift you, own your current truth. Keep owning this truth until you choose a higher or different truth. It's totally up to you!

But I'll say again that your truth is your truth. Own the truth you choose. It's based on your beliefs and experiences, and these are true for you only. Out of 8 billion people, you are the only owner of your truth. It's yours, and no one can take it away from you unless you allow. Challenge your own truth, and if you're happy with it, keep it!

However, if you are completely in love with your life and outcomes, you might consider investigating your truth to see if there is a better one that will better serve you. 


Life is a Game

Are you starting to get the gist of this? There is no single solid perspective in the world, and no right or wrong things to believe. There is no solid truth. How can there be? We all see the world differently based on our life and experiences. Life is a game of constantly learning, growing, and evolving to higher truths and higher levels of wealth, success, and happiness. Your truth is creating your current circumstances, so you don't have to challenge yourself if you are on fire for life. 

However, if you're miserable, defending your truth is a form of insanity. I've witnessed many broke, angry, and unhealthy people defend their truth, and I never argue. They are choosing their circumstances, and that's their privilege. They can keep theirs and keep their current life, and I'll keep my happy life. Each person gets to choose. Life is a game, and there's no reason for all of us to see life the same way. 

Treat life like a battlefield, and a war will wage. Treat life like a game and it gets fun. 


Don't Hide Your Truth

From experience I can say life is a lot easier if you don't try and force your truth down other people's throats. Forcing someone to try to see the world the same as you typically cause them to hold their own truth tighter instead of loosening their grip. If they don't ask or inquire about your truth, it's probably better to not share. If they do inquire, then share away. When they seek your truth (like you are by reading my blog), they are giving you permission to empty your heart. They might try to challenge and argue, but you never need to defend your truth - it's yours!

Here's the most important part of this entire article. Don't be ashamed of your truth. Don't hide it. Don't force it down people's throats, but don't hide it. 

I was raised in a toxic religious household, and it caused a lot of damage to me and my family. Shame, guilt, and suffering were by-products of our religious upbringing, and once I saw this, I rejected it wholeheartedly. I still come across people who try to insist that those toxic beliefs are the "truth," but I see through the pain of their entrapment. I never ask them what they believe, but they ask me. When they begin to try to get me to amend my beliefs, I don't defend. I just thank them for sharing and let them know that they can keep their angry, petulant, jealous, narcissistic, coercive, manipulative, torturous, childish, judgmental god, and I'll keep my God of love. That usually diffuses the situation. 

In other words, my truth serves me, so I keep it. In turn I let them figure out if their truth is working for them. 

I own my truth, and they own theirs. There is no need to agree. Life is a game. We each get to sort out our own life.

Meanwhile I'm having a lot of fun owning my truths which bring me peace, love, and joy.

They can choose for themselves.


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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