This is THE WORK

Oct 28, 2020

You are not here to live anyone else’s vision for your life. Yes, you play a part in others’ stories, but you are not here to be whom they decide you can be.

You get to figure that out all on your own, and then others get to decide if they want to continue in your story.

Likewise, no one is here to comply with your wishes or expectations.


Find That Sweet Spot

The sweet spot in life is not dependence, codependence, or independence. The final resting place is interdependence.

Interdependence is when two complete and fully authentic and internally powerful people support each other’s desires, ambitions, and authenticity because the two of you are more powerful together.


You get to fully surrender to yourself, without shame, and then allow the other person to do the same.

Let Others Voluntarily Evolve (L.O.V.E.)

You get to L.O.V.E. yourself, and through that simple act, you are empowering them to do the same for themselves.

But first, you must fully surrender to your inner truth.


This IS the Work

People and things in life will show up exactly in opposition to challenge your truth so that you can resolve internal conflict and evolve.

That is the toughest and most powerful work you are here to perform. Don’t allow ANYONE to hold you back. And people will. Sometimes “people” can be that little voice, that little person inside your head.

I had a recent interaction with the little person inside my head when I was preparing for a morning run:

Big Mike: I’m gonna go for a run.
Little Mikey: How far we running?
Big Mike: About 4 miles.
Little Mikey: It’s cold outside. Let’s stay home and be warm.
Big Mike: We’ll dress warm. We’ll be ok.
Little Mikey: I’d rather stay inside.
Big Mike: I understand, and I still love you.
Little Mikey: Well, if we’re running, let’s go farther.
Big Mike: We’ll go 4 miles. It’s a nice run and it’s a perfect distance for us.
Little Mikey: David Goggins is running 20 miles today. He runs 20 miles every day. He’s badass. We’re not as good as him.
Big Mike: We’ll go 4 miles and we’ll enjoy it. We’ll be ok.
Little Mikey: David Goggins is better.
Big Mike: Maybe so.
Little Mikey: Hey! We’re wearing gloves. That guy over there running is not wearing gloves! Why are we wearing gloves?
Big Mike: Our hands are cold.
Little Mikey: I bet his hands are cold, too! And he’s not wearing gloves! Let’s take them off! Why are we wearing gloves?
Big Mike: Our hands are cold.
Little Mikey: That guy is tougher.
Big Mike: Maybe so.
Little Mikey: I’m tired. Let’s stop and walk the rest of the way.
Big Mike: We’re ok running.


You can’t outrun this work. It will be everywhere you go. Surrender to yourself. Then lead others to do the same. No guilt, no shame.

Decide who to BE, and go BE it.

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