Want to be a Happy Millionaire? Do This!

May 05, 2021

I would encourage you to disconnect “wealth” and “happiness” in your mind, because they aren’t connected. They’re not married. Wealth does not create happiness.

There’s a difference between miserable millionaires and happy millionaires. The difference lies in how they approach three aspects of life.


Wealth Does Not Create Happiness

Let’s have a conversation about what it takes to be a happy millionaire, but first I would encourage you to understand that most people think that wealth creates happiness, and once they are wealthy they’ll be happy. I’ve got to encourage you to disconnect those two. They’re not equal.

Wealth does not create happiness.

I want to talk about miserable millionaires that I know. These people are scarcity-minded. They’re poverty-minded. They’re takers, not givers. They approach the world like their survival is in jeopardy every single day. They approach relationships in the same way.

Happy millionaires approach life from a giving standpoint and a loving standpoint, and they reciprocate, looking to uplift others. They appreciate life. They appreciate their health, their relationships, and their business. They appreciate people.

Here are three aspects of happy millionaires:

  1. They recognize that there’s plenty of money in the world. In 2019, $21.43 trillion changed hands in the United States. That’s more than $60,000 per person that flowed through the economy. Happy millionaires understand that there’s plenty to go around, and everyone can become wealthy. It’s not a zero-sum game, where some can have, and some cannot. The Federal Bank continues to print money. The more someone creates and accumulates wealth, the more money gets printed. Everybody can create wealth. There’s plenty to go around. Happy millionaires recognize that.
  2. The more they help other people solve problems in their life, the more wealth and success they’ll create. Happy millionaires show up in their businesses and careers to make a difference in the lives of other people, because they understand the happiness and joy comes from helping people, and the more people you help the more income and the more wealth you create in your own life.
  3. They appreciate what they have more than what they don’t have. You can be a happy wealthy person by just simply appreciating what you have right now. Wealth is about appreciating and being grateful for what you have instead of what you want. Happy millionaires appreciate the wealth that they’ve created and know that by appreciating the wealth that they’ve already created; they’re going to create more. They’re certain about that.

If you understand the science of achievement – solving problems for others creates wealth in your life – and also practice and understand the art of fulfillment – gratitude creates happiness right now – you can’t lose.

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