What are Wealth, Success, and Happiness?

Jul 28, 2021

Let's talk about my three favorite words in the entire English language – wealth, success, and happiness.

I say these words over and over every single day because these three words, I feel, are our birthright as human beings. The only reason we wouldn't possess wealth, success, and happiness is if we're resisting them and pushing them away, and we don't understand them at a very granular level.

So, I want to provide my very elementary, very simplistic definitions.



We're talking about financial wealth here. Wealth is not a quantity. It's not an amount. It's not an accumulation level. Wealth is simply not worrying about money. I know many multi-millionaires who are so scared of money and being broke. They worry about money just as if they have nothing, so in essence, they are broke.

That's not a wealth mindset. That's not wealth consciousness, when you have a lot, and you feel like you have nothing. That's still being poor. That is still being broke. I also know people who have a modest income and a modest net worth that don't worry about money. That is the definition of wealth for me. 



Success is not about attainment or achievement. It's not about powerful outcomes. Success is getting to do what you enjoy on a daily basis, and getting excited to serve in the way that you want to serve. It’s about being excited to wake up each and every day on fire for your life. 

A successful life is living a life you get to live not a life that you have to live. It's surrendering to your uniqueness and authenticity and desires – your innate talents – and doing what you get to do and what you love to do, not doing something simply to gain a resource that you might or might not need. 

Oftentimes, if we take what we get to do and the life that we get to live, the resources will be available in a larger quantity regardless. So many people are compromising and sacrificing their life for the sake of a resource.



Happiness is not about a circumstance. It's not about a condition in your life. It's not an about an amount of money. It's not about a relationship. It's not about health.

Happiness is simply accepting and embracing where you are, what you have, and everything in life as it is right now. When you accept the life that you're living and who you are and what you have as it is, all resistance, struggle, stress and pain disappears. It's a very spiritual premise that life is perfect as it is. Your resistance to your current circumstances that is causing you to be unhappy. Life grows itself when we surrender to happiness from a life that's not full of resistance, struggle, stress, pain and conflict.

These are my three definitions of wealth, success, and happiness. I'd love to continue carrying on this discussion. I love getting to know your definitions. So anytime you're ready to share your definitions of wealth, success, or happiness with me, I'm all ears.

Connect with me. Message me. Share your perspectives on these words and, more importantly, if I can help in any way, please don't ever be afraid to reach out.

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