What is Inner Wealth?

Jul 06, 2022

Last week we held the summer retreat for our highest level mastermind group. We spend 3 days in a room together sharing our dreams, goals, and our deepest fears, struggles, and challenges. There were a ton of laughs, just as many tears, and countless personal breakthroughs. 

The retreat solidified why we run our business. We make a real difference in the world, and people live higher quality lives because of us. 

After the retreat a few of us spent a few days together doing some strategic planning for the next phases of Inner Wealth. Since we got to see the intense benefits our company brings to the world, we were even more bold in casting a vision for our future. 

In this article I want to share who we are and what we'll be up to over the next three-or-so years. But first, we defined what we were looking to accomplish through our business.


The Mission of inner Wealth

Simply put Inner Wealth makes the world a more loving place.

We work with business owners to heal internal conflicts and generate prosperity. We define prosperity as internal and external wealth. 

We stand for:

  1. L.O.V.E. - We let others voluntarily evolve. We will make ourselves available to provide a safe space, encourage, and provide support to others to accomplish their purpose and vision.
  2. Integrity - We are true to ourselves and hold each other accountable to be true to themselves.
  3. Trust- We extend trust to each other immediately and willingly and resolve to take constant action to build and reinforce that trust.
  4. Expansion - We shamelessly grow in every dimension of life.
  5. Service - We selflessly serve the greater good using our authenticity, uniqueness, and prosperity.
  6. Fun and supportive - We have a drama free environment.

Our employees, clients, and potential clients will be held to these high standards and values. 


The Internal Conflicts Which Cause the Most Damage

All of our real challenges, obstacles, and conflicts we will encounter in the world are inside of us. The universe is supportive of our dreams and ambitions. Life wants for us what we want for ourselves. As we heal our internal conflicts, we fall deeper in love with ourselves and have more love to give. Everything we experience in the world becomes more supportive. 

Here are the three common internal conflicts:

Insecurity - The feeling of never having enough, always being on the verge of everything falling apart, or feeling that we're about to lose everything we've built. When someone is internally insecure, they spend their life trying not to lose instead of winning. It's common for those living in high states of insecurity to tread lightly in life to keep it all together, avoid risks, and try to play it safe until they die. These people are ruled and make decisions by fear.

Inadequacy - The feeling of not being enough. Someone dealing with inadequacy feels inferior to those who have (or appear to have) more, and they struggle to trust themselves. They often will not allow themselves to feel loved, talented, worthy, valuable, successful, etc. regardless of external evidence because they hold a belief that they are flawed. These people feel on the verge of being found out, and that they've only been at the right place at the right time, so they disown their accomplishments. A common theme of inadequacy is that "I can't because I'm not good enough."

Insignificance - The feeling that you don't matter. People who feel insignificant elevate the significance of others above themselves, feel that their duty is to be a martyr and sacrifice themselves for everyone else's benefit, and often feel like they are a mistake and taking up space. People who struggle with insignificance believe that the world would be the same or better without them, and that they are a burden to others. These people feel hopelessly broken. 

These internal conflicts are stories that we are telling ourselves. These will not be resolved through achieving status, accumulating wealth, or possessing materials. They will only be resolved through changing our stories and internal narrative.


Our Approach

Most people build their lives and ambitions on a foundation of insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance as described above. When they create visions, goals, or plans for the future, they are typically trying to solve internal conflicts through achieving or attaining external results and validation. They aim to accumulate enough to feel safe, prove themselves to themselves or others, or feel like they matter through their results and accomplishments. This never works, and it only amplifies the internal conflicts within.

Some of our clients are multi-millionaires, but they are still put themselves under intense stress trying to create even more wealth - never really enjoying their accomplishments. We certainly encourage everyone to want more wealth, success, and happiness, but we understand that the thing you want will not solve the problem that you have. More money will not solve a poverty mindset. A relationship will not heal a feeling of loneliness. A huge business will not resolve a painful belief that you are insignificant. 

Internal beliefs and conflicts cannot be resolved through rearranging external circumstances, but yet many people still live in this illusion. Therefore people fight to become wealthy, then commit suicide. They thought money would solve their internal pain and when it doesn't, they don't know any other solution to relieve their internal discontent.

We know a better solution. 

Heal insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance by doing internal work. This requires becoming aware of the false, painful beliefs and stories you are telling yourself, shifting to supportive beliefs and stories which create happiness, and building wealth and success from that more solid foundation. When someone builds a vision for their future on a foundation of insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance, they are running from these conditions, and that means they are building on a foundation of sand. 

By healing internal conflicts everything will be built upon a foundation of personal security, adequacy, and knowing that you are the most significant person in the world - just like everyone else. 

We build from the inside-out, while the most common approach is to try to heal from the outside-in. 


Making the World a More Loving Place

Hurt people hurt people. When someone feels a sense of insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance, their life and business will reflect these qualities. Everything they touch will contain these elements, and they often try to "get from others" to fix their own problems. They will often hurt people to attain their goals, and to try to have their emotional needs met.

Loving people love people. When we heal our internal conflicts, we feel a deeper sense of love for ourselves, those we love and serve, and the world in general. We don't build in the world to solve internal, emotional conflicts. When we fall in love with ourselves, we have more love to give, and we share that love more generously and selflessly. You matter equally to every other person on the face of this planet. You deserve love and happiness just like everyone else. 

When we build a business on a bedrock of generous and selfless service, there's no way for that business to fail. Clients and potential clients can tell when the business is about serving or taking, and by building a business which prioritizes service, we attract clients who love doing business with us and want us to succeed. They reward a truly loving, service-based business handsomely because we are not like the others. We care, and they can feel that. 

As we resolve our internal conflicts we feel more love, and we share that love easily. This creates an exceptional and fulfilling life. When we feel more love inside of ourselves, we use every aspect of our lives and business to make a positive impact in the world. 

Most people come to our business wanting more wealth and success. They stay because of the love and joy they discover inside of themselves. We certainly help them create more wealth and success, but the reason they wanted more wealth and success is to feel more love and joy - they just had it backwards.

We help them sort out the process. 


What we Have Planned

  • Our central goal is to serve 1,000 people in international Inner Game of Wealth Intensives during a single rolling 12-month period. This will help more people understand their internal conflicts.
  • We will recruit, train, and utilize more Inner Wealth Coaches to reach and positively impact more business owners. 
  • We will regularly launch new groups of 25 business owner masterminds led by Inner Wealth Coaches. These groups will meet weekly and retreat together 3 times per year.
  • Our business will grow, and we will use our increasing resources to make the world a more loving place through our service and philanthropy.


Putting it all Together

If you want to create more wealth and success in your life and business, and really make a difference, I'd love a chance to connect with you. If you love our vision, values, and approach, I'd love to have a conversation about how to join forces to make the world a more loving place. 

It starts by first loving yourself and knowing that you matter and allowing yourself to embrace and accept every part of your life and your uniqueness.

That's our first order of business. 

The rest is easy. 

Photo by Chela B. on Unsplash

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