You Can Have Anything You Want

Feb 16, 2022

Years ago a very dear friend of mine told me "Mike, you can have anything you want. You Just need to get really clear about what it is, and it will show up in your experience."

He was partially wrong, but mostly right. 

He was right that we can have whatever we want, but there were some qualities  present in him that he overlooked. Those same qualities were absent in me when he made that statement. Those qualities were certainty and commitment. 

Years later, as I've proven him right and even taught from that same concept, I've refined the message to be more clear about what it takes to create anything you want in your life. 

The qualities necessary to create what you want are clarity, certainty, and commitment. Once you possess those qualities, the next step is taking inspired action. Let's break them down. 



Clarity is knowing what you want, and knowing why you want it. Most people who don't have what they want don't because they don't know what they want. It has always been strange to me that people struggle with this. In my practice when I ask what they want, the response I hear most often is "I don't know."

I don't like to stop there. For something to begin manifesting we must also know why we want it. If what we want is to avoid loss, out of fear of not having, or as an act of desperation, most often it will not show up, or it will take an excessively long time to come to reality. When we want something for the experience, out of a sense of adventure, or just to have some fun creating something new in our world, that sense of playfulness brings it forth quickly.

Clarity is a creative force. Never take this for granted. 



When my friend told me I can have whatever I wanted, I doubted him. I didn't doubt him because of lack of clarity, I just doubted that I could have it. That was lack of certainty. 

Worry, doubt, and fear are dream killers. When you are holding intense worry, doubt, and fear of not having what you want, you kill the creation of that thing in its tracks. Certainty is an internal knowing that just because I want something, it's already mine, and it's already in route. 

Some people call this faith. To me that word sounds like it contains a bit of doubt. I like the word certainty. It is concrete, and to me it means it's a done deal. Because it is. As soon as you are clear and certain, it's just a matter of time. 



We know what we want and we know we can have it, now we must remain committed to see it through to fulfillment and completion. If you change your mind midstream and go in a new direction, again, you've stopped delivery dead in its tracks. We need to remain committed and focused on the object of our clarity. If we go in a new direction, we start the process all over from scratch. 

There's no such thing as partial commitment - 99% commitment is 0% commitment. When we go all in, we feel it in every cell in our body. When we withhold commitment, it's a deal-breaker. 

Here's the important part: we don't control the timing, and your commitment will be tested. Sometimes it'll take a longer time just to test your commitment. Here's where the universe sees if you really want what you say you want, or if you're just casting a net and seeing what you can catch. When you are clear and certain, commitment creates luck.


Inspired Action

You don't need to take massive, suffocating action to make your dream reality, just inspired action. Inspired action is joyous effort in the direction of what you want. Make the phone call, go to the meetup, take the course, do whatever feels good and  will be helpful to achieve your outcome. You just can't sit on your ass and expect what you want to smack you in the face 

God helps those who help themselves. 

You are a creator. It's up to you to prove what you want is important enough for you to do something to create it. The action doesn't have to be stressful or exhausting, and you don't need to lose sleep, but you need to be willing to meet the universe halfway. Inspired action does just that. 


Putting It All Together

I didn't believe my friend. But I do now. I just held my most successful live event in years. I started off by getting clear and announcing it to the world, and then I went to work letting go of any worry, doubt, and fear that I couldn't have it. As I let go of all uncertainty people kept registering, and it accelerated as I remained committed. I kept reminding my audience about the event, and by remaining committed and taking simple action the event was action packed, energetic, healing, and powerful. 

Now I've announced another for May 6-7, 2022. I know what I want and I intend to continue to let go of all uncertainty. I've already started promoting the event and will remain committed. I possess powerful clarity, certainty, and commitment, and I am demonstrating inspired action. 

It's going to be awesome, because I can have anything I want. 

So can you. Come to my Inner Game of Wealth Intensive and I'll show you how. 

Do you know the reason most people don't wake up excited about the life they're living? Because they don't even know what that looks like or they don't believe that their dreams are even possible. Once you are clear about what you want, the entire universe conspires in your favor.

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