You Only Feel Your Thoughts

Jun 08, 2022

On my Inner Wealth Community call this week, I did a simple exercise with the members. I asked them to close their eyes, imagine they have already accomplished a set goal, or their life vision has taken shape and they're living their dream life. 

I asked them to put themselves into the future and feel what it would feel like to have whatever they want. I kept them there for a few minutes, and I kept emphasizing that they already have what they want, and I continued asking them to feel all the emotions of wealth, success, and happiness that they expect to experience.

After a few minutes I instructed them to open their eyes when they felt these emotions in their body. One by one they opened their eyes. 

I asked a single question: did you feel everything you want in your body? They each shook their heads yes. 

After this affirmation I hammered home the commonly overlooked fact that your thoughts create your feelings/emotions, and you can choose to feel good or bad at any time. When you focus on what you want, you'll typically feel good. When you focus on what you don't want, you'll typically feel bad. 

You're never a victim of your circumstances - you're a victim of your own thoughts. You are simply feeling your thoughts in any given moment. 


The Creation Cycle

There was a time when I thought that teaching the basics was too basic. I now know that mastering the basics is the key to mastering life. There is an unconscious path that we utilize to create the circumstances in our lives and businesses. That path is: 

  1. Experiences Shape Your Beliefs 
  2. Beliefs Generate Thoughts 
  3. Thoughts Trigger Emotion 
  4. Emotions Fuel Action Or Inaction 
  5. Repeated Action or Inaction Becomes A Habit 
  6. Habits Mold Your Character 
  7. Character Creates Outcomes

When we are flying blind and operating unconsciously this is how we create all of our circumstances - our health, wealth, success, relationships, happiness... 

If we don't know better we will create our circumstances without knowing that we are operating from our childhood experiences and the beliefs that were shaped from those events. If we're unaware of this we'll move forward or remain stuck because of the thoughts which are generated from our beliefs, and the emotions which are triggered from our thoughts. 

When we open our eyes and understand that our beliefs about life can vary widely from person to person, and that the constant barrage of thoughts we have on a daily basis are based on limiting beliefs, we can take charge of our thoughts and emotions, and take back the direction and circumstances of our life. 


Think About What You Want

Here's a little truth-nugget: pessimistic thinking is lazy thinking. Self-doubt is lazy thinking. Self-loathing is lazy thinking. Anyone can think negatively. When you practice thinking about what you want instead of what you don't want, your entire life will change. 

Focused intensity over a committed period of time will most certainly end in you creating and receiving what you want. But you must sharpen and discipline your mind - and this takes work and effort. If negative thinking is lazy, then committed mental effort will overcome mental laziness. 

Guess what happens when you think about what you want? You feel good about life. You feel more energetic. You feel more valuable. You feel more love. You feel wealthier. You feel more successful. 

And here's my favorite: you feel happier. 


You Only Feel Your Thoughts

I have coached multi-millionaires who felt broke. They were miserable, because they thought miserably. This proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you'll never feel your circumstances. You only feel your thoughts about your circumstances. 

Self-mastery is the practice of taking control of your internal state - your inner game of wealth. The world doesn't make you feel bad. People don't make you feel bad. Your financial state doesn't make you feel bad. Your thoughts make you feel bad. 

Change your thoughts, change your life. Only you can control what's going on inside of you. No one else can do it for you. 


Putting It All Together

Your entire life moves in the direction of your thoughts. If you want to change any circumstance in your life, it's time that you accepted that you are the creator of that current circumstance. Your past thoughts got you here. If you're committed to changing your life, start by shifting your thoughts. It's simple and overlooked, but it's definitely the most powerful way to create anything you want.


Photo by Ángel López on Unsplash



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