12 Powerful Lessons Which Transformed My Life

Aug 24, 2022

There's a lot of people who keep sticky notes all over their office. I don't. I haven't had a sticky note in years. But I do have notes all over my laptop and phone. When inspiration calls, wherever it strikes, I'm ready. 

Each week I try to write an article that provides some insights that might positively impact your life. Many weeks when I sit down to write my wife Angie says, "Why don't you use some of your old writings?"

She's right. 

Some time ago I was inspired to document 12 powerful lessons which transformed my life. I want to share them with you right here, right now. They are simple, but not easy. They are elementary, but advanced. When you anchor them in your life, they will totally transform who you are and how you experience life. You will experience more wealth, success, and happiness than you ever thought possible. 


12 Powerful Lessons Which Transformed My Life

  1. Living the fullest expression of your truest, most authentic self without guilt or shame, is the path to success and happiness. Stress and struggle come from being out of integrity with your true nature. If you feel even the slightest bit stressed, stop, breathe, and investigate where you are out of integrity with who you really are and what you're here to experience. 
  2. You are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. We’re all perfectly imperfect, and we each have a unique journey. We’ve all mis-stepped. Accept yourself and accept where you are on your journey. You are always in the perfect place to get where you are heading. The universe makes no mistakes. Surrender to where you are right now. 
  3. You’re safer than you think. Humans are fear-based creatures, and it’s never as dangerous as you think. If it’s based on fear, it’s not based on truth. Life is not fragile, but the human mind makes it seem like everything is on the verge of collapse. It's not. You're safe, even when the mind says otherwise.
  4. Your life and business will expand faster and easier through internal power vs. external force. Who you become internally creates who you become in the world. The external world you experience is simply a reflection of who you are. As you change what's happening inside of you, what's outside of you changes without force. 
  5. The more people you positively impact through your authentic and true nature, the more wealth, success, and happiness you’ll recognize. Many people are just out for their own safety and security, and even when they have it they are still unfulfilled. By positively impacting more people, you'll find everything you've ever wanted to experience. 
  6. You need nothing, you deserve everything. The oxygen you need is all around you, the food you need grows from the ground, and the water you need falls from the sky. Don't confuse your wants and needs. Many people are programmed to feel dissatisfied because they are chasing wants like they are needs. Detangle these. You need little. Create more from satisfaction and gratitude, not dis-ease. 
  7. Create for the experience, not the outcome. What you want will not solve the “problem” you have. See #6. You have desires because you are human. The unconditioned mind plays a trick on us by convincing us that obtaining a material object or circumstance will solve an unassociated problem we have. Money will not solve money fear. Success will not solve inadequacy. See the real problem for what it is without lying to yourself. 
  8. The mind wants to want more than it wants to have. When you’re not happy with 1, when you have 2, you’ll want 3. Being satisfied is ok when you are satisfied. Infinite hunger is not a goal everyone must adopt and accept. Move beyond primitive hunter-gatherer instincts. 
  9. It’s always now. The future is now, just later. The future doesn’t truly exist. It’s always now. If not now, never. Don’t delay happiness or feeling safe and secure based on a desire. If you look back, you are where you wanted to be 5 years ago. If you're not happy now, what makes you think you'll be happy later? It's always, only, ever now. 
  10. Wealth is wanting and appreciating what you already have more than what you don’t have. If you can't appreciate what you have now, why would you choose to appreciate anything else?
  11. There is no “there”, and you’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. You’re already who you want to be. Be that and live without needing to arrive anywhere else. Most people long for more or to be somewhere else until they die. Arrive here, now. You're already there. 
  12. You’re going to die, and so will everyone you love, and everything you build. Don’t take life so seriously. You have a finite mind, you have a finite body, you ARE an infinite, eternal, powerful, and abundant soul. You don’t have a life... you ARE life.


Putting It All Together

 If you wish to live a truly exceptional life, begin to contemplate these 12 concepts, and integrate them into your life. Your future self will thank you, I guarantee. 

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