You Are On Purpose

Aug 17, 2022

On my laptop I have 2 books that I began some time ago that are "in process." That means that when I get inspired I add to them. The challenge for me is that I've got 4-5 books working in my mind at any time, and committing to a single book is very difficult. As I'm evolving, so is the content rattling around in my head. On my spiritual journey, I have evolved aggressively, so the messages I wish to share change rapidly. 

This week I want to share a section in one of the books I have in process. This is from my book with the working title "The Art of Joy." Enjoy!

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” - Buddha

Consider this: scientists and statisticians have calculated that there was a 1 in 400 trillion probability that you would be born. The probability was so minuscule that it exceeds every ounce of logic or left-brained (analytical) perspective that your birth was chance or a coincidence. In an infinite universe billions of years old, for you to be born your two exact parents needed to have sex at the exact right time, and there were 100 million sperm released which all fought to fertilize a single egg. After fertilization there were no guarantees that you would survive pregnancy, birth, or even life up to this point.

I’d like to take this “chance or coincidence” argument even further, and I’d like you to consider the fact that you are on a rock that has a circumference of 25,000 miles which is spinning at 1,000 miles per hour which you can’t even feel, which is hurling through an infinite universe at 67,000 miles per hour which you can’t feel. This rock is flying around a ball of gas with a core temperature of 27,000,000 degrees fahrenheit, and the temperature of the sun is perfectly suited to keep our rock perfectly temperate to sustain life and have seasons. This enables vegetation and food to grow from the ground, while the water you require to remain in your human form falls from the sky because the perfectly suited chemical compounds and elements you require surround you so that when breathing happens for you - while you don’t even think about it - it’s infinitely available and you never need to work for it or earn it.

Everything has lined up for you to be right here, right now, reading this, everything you need is at your fingertips and fully available to you so that you can survive, delivered on a silver platter while you don’t force it, and yet you believe your chance, a coincidence, or even a mistake? How can that be? If you’re still in doubt that you are a miracle, read this section again! In fact, keep reading this section over and over until you fully grasp the fact that you are on time and on purpose!

You were born at the perfect time, in the exact place, to the perfect parents, to live the exact purpose only you were destined to carry out. You attracted the exact experiences into your life to learn the exact lessons you needed to learn to become exactly who you are right now, so that you can carry out the exact purpose you incarnated for when that 1 in 400 trillion probabilities occurred - on purpose. You might think you’re chance or a coincidence, but I refuse to believe it. I know you were intended for a significant purpose and meaning in this world, but it’s totally up to you to recognize it and carry it out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’ve learned: your life is not about stress, sacrifice, struggle, money, possessions, titles, certifications, vacations, or retirement. Your life is about learning the exact lessons that you needed to learn in order to impact others in the exact way that only you were intended to impact them - and you are here to make a difference. You are here to move the needle in some unique way.

Up to this point in your life you are undefeated. Nothing has killed you. If you take inventory of all the hardships, obstacles, challenges, traumas, wins, achievements, and accomplishments you’ve experienced, if you inventory your gifts and talents, if you inventory your deepest desires, and finally if you put them all together and deeply reflect on what they all mean, you’ll find a purpose so divine and so powerful, and which brings you so much joy that life will have an entirely new meaning to you and for you. And that’s when you’ll become certain that you are not a coincidence or a mistake. You’ll finally embrace and recognize that everything in this universal dance lined up perfectly for you to be born so that you can experience what you needed to experience, so that you can leave your mark on the world.

Most people are so unconsciously living a life blind to their divine purpose and destiny because they are living out of fear - and they spend their entire lives trying to achieve states in the world which cannot be reached: safety, security, and certainty. The human mind wants safety, security, and certainty above all else and will even convince you to give up the joy and fulfillment of your divine purpose to try to feel them - and the human mind will never allow you to experience safety, security, and certainty because that will mean the end of the mind (the ego) - and the mind doesn’t want to die. Making you feel unsafe is the mind’s job, and it’s winning if it’s keeping you stuck chasing ghosts.

Meanwhile, your soul knows that you are on time and on purpose, and if you pay close enough attention, you’ll feel a deep yearning to discover and live your purpose. But you first must quiet the mind, move beyond the chase for the illusion of safety, security, and certainty, and allow yourself to surrender to why you are here. You must make the decision to run toward purpose and meaning instead of running away from loss, not having, or any other fear-based protectionist way of life.

I believe that we each chose this life. I believe we are each a piece of the divine itself, and we chose to incarnate so that we can experience exactly what we are experiencing, so that we can decide whether we want to discover our purpose or not. I also believe in reincarnation and that this is not our one shot. I believe that we are not our mind or body and that we are the soul - the awareness which is reading this right now. This awareness has been here before, is here now, and will be here again, and each time this soul evolves and grows by experiencing another lifetime of lessons. I also believe that if we don’t find the purpose of this lifetime in this lifetime, we’ll relive it again until we do. And that’s why it always feels like we’ve been here before, why you’re just innately talented at certain things, why you keep running into the same challenges over and over, and why you can never satisfy that internal yearning with materials and possessions.

You are here on time and on purpose to impact the world in your unique way. Until you know what that purpose is and get on that path, you’ll always feel that something is missing. But once you know and you’re on the path, joy, love, and peace in life comes from being on the path, not the outcomes created from that path. Right now, you either know you’re on the path or you’re searching there is no gray area. Are you on your path?

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

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