Are You Willing To Be Rich?

Oct 02, 2023

"Well, it's not like I need to be rich or anything."

"Money's not that important."

"I just need enough to live."

When I talk about money with people, sometimes without even saying so, people make it obvious in their words that they're struggling financially. Look at the quotes above. These are common sentences in one form or another from a majority of people on the planet who are in financial turbulence. The sad part is as long as they believe their words and keep speaking them, they'll never do better.

The first step in getting rich is knowing money is an important part of life. The second step is being willing and open to becoming rich. The third step is wanting to become rich. The fourth step is doing what rich people do. And the last step is to remain receptive to money when it begins to show up in your life.

Sounds easy, right?

But most people get stuck in the first three steps because they have been taught that they can't want money, that the rich are greedy, that having money is cruel to others, that for you to have more someone must have less, and that money is the root of all evil. Having a positive money mindset - seeing money for the energy of new experiences and possibilities that it is - is a must to create wealth in your life.


Your Relationship To "Rich"

How's your relationship to the word "rich"?

I remember when I felt like the word rich was dirty. I felt dirty just thinking or saying the word. That's exactly why I wasn't rich. I thought that I'd become dirty if I became rich. That was the story in my mind and the belief that I was taught at a very young age - wealth is dirty.

When I realized that it was my relationship with the concept of "rich" that was causing me to sabotage my financial well-being, I knew I needed to make a change. I wanted to be rich more than I wanted to be right about the beliefs I was holding.

I realized that I was better with the word "wealthy" than the word rich. So I began to let go of any resistance to the word wealthy. I began to affirm that "I am wealthy" and "I am wealthy." Although it seemed and felt very strange to affirm things that I believed weren't true at the time, over time the resistance to these statements diminished. As the resistance waned, my ability to be okay with being and feeling wealthy increased.

Next, it was on to the word rich. Even though I developed a healthier relationship with the word wealthy, I still struggled with the word rich. I did the same exercise. I repeatedly affirmed that "I am rich", and over time the thoughts in my mind and emotions in my body shifted from resistance and dirtiness to acceptance. As I continued the work, I soon moved to embrace the words and conditions of being rich and wealthy.

That's when my financial situation began to shift and money started coming into my life at a faster, more even pace.


Your Stories Create Your State

When I held beliefs and stories that money was bad, the rich were dirty, and the wealthy were greedy, I did everything I could to not accumulate money. It's all subconscious. I didn't know what was happening because your subconscious stories create the state of your life. In my former corporate career, I made a lot of money, but my family spent it just as fast as we made it. We were unconsciously looking to get rid of our money because of our subconscious money beliefs and stories.

Once I let go of the old stories and created more empowering and supportive money beliefs, the state of my finances changed - like magic.

When I was just starting in coaching I was trying to make my first deal and sign my first client. My disempowering beliefs about money were still well-rooted in me. As I let go of the old beliefs and practiced new ones, not only did I start signing clients, but my business took off quickly. In my first full year in business for myself, I surpassed my highest level of executive corporate income level.

In October of 2018, I had a $44,000 sales month, and I felt like I had arrived as a coach. My ego quickly inflated, I began attacking my family and people on social media, and I started judging people struggling financially because of how easy my path to prosperity came for me.

The real reason I started attacking is because I still held the story that rich people are assholes and abusive to others. When I started to feel rich, I started to attack to support this subconscious belief/story. Once I realized what I was doing I stopped. But I got a clear opportunity to see the story I carried around. Then a new level of humility kicked in. But there was some damage I would need to clean up before moving forward again.

Never underestimate the power of your beliefs and stories. They create and shape your life. Unexamined stories will cause unintentional damage every time.


New Money Stories

Since our stories create the states and conditions in our lives, we should choose wisely. I offer you some new, more empowering money stories.

  • Money is fuel to help a lot of people in the world.
  • Money is energy for new experiences.
  • The wealthier I am, the more beneficial and impactful I can be in this world.
  • Rich people fuel the economy by spending large sums of money which create jobs.
  • The more money I have the less I need to focus on basic problems, so I can focus on making a bigger difference in the world.
  • Making money and creating wealth is a fun experience.
  • Rich people help more people than poor people.
  • Selling is serving.
  • The size of my net worth is the size of my positive impact on the world.
  • Money creates the opportunity to focus on creating more love in the world.

Think about what would happen to your bank account and your financial situation if you dropped all resistance to being rich or wealthy, did the things rich people do to create wealth, and set out to make a positive impact with the wealth you create in your life? I bet your prosperity would increase exponentially. If you shifted all of your energy from hate and resistance to love and service, everything would change.

If you're anything like me, I was taught that there's something to be ashamed of whenever money or wanting more money is involved. I was taught that rich people are unkind and hurt people to get and because of their money. I was taught that money wasn't important.

Here's what I've learned in my advanced years:

Those people were wrong. I love money and money loves me. The more money I have more I can love and be loved. The more I love and be loved the more loving place the world becomes. So money is not bad after all. It's pretty awesome.

I think I'll keep becoming more wealthy until I die. That sounds like a lot of fun.

So are you willing to become rich?

 Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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