Wherever You Are, Start There

Sep 06, 2023

I sat on a stool in front of 40 people in my Choose Your Destiny Vision Intensive Workshop. People were packed in and the entire room was full. In the past I struggled to even sell 20 tickets to my workshops when we booked a bigger room, so this time we booked a room with a maximum capacity of 40. This time we had to tell people that we were full, and we began to sell seats to the next one in November. 

To my right was my long-time student and close friend, Justin Dossey, and to my left was my student and close friend Jon Barbera. We were unified and ready to change lives. We were there, together, to make an impact so deep in people that they'd want to continue their journey with our Mastermind. 

I began, "If you and I have ever had even one direct conversation that improved the quality of your life, your health, your wealth, your success, your relationships, your overall happiness, please stand up." Two-thirds of the room stood up. I continued, "To those of you still seated, that's what we're here to do this weekend. This workshop will not be gimmicky, it will not be for entertainment, but it will improve the quality of your life. That's what we're here for, and we're going to bring it."

And with that, our workshop had begun. During the event there were tears, people reignited their dreams for the first time in decades, people expressed and shared their fears, and one of our participants even shared an inspiring piece of writing about the breakthroughs he experienced. 

The weekend was a huge success, and by the end of the last day our mastermind community gained 12 new students. Our impact was loud, and some lives in that room will never be the same. 


The Beginning

When I began my business in 2017, I was extremely scared of the path ahead. I had never started a business, and I was brand new to the personal development career path. I had no idea what I was doing. Looking back, I didn't need to know anything more than I knew. I just needed to begin, and that’s when I learned that life brings everything you need to learn what you need to learn to get where you intend to get. You just need to go all-in and remain committed. Life takes care of the rest. 

When I started, I spent every day trying to figure out what I needed to do to get some - any - traction. Creating content on social media, videos, blogging... I did everything I could to become recognized in a world full of noise. 

Life had other plans. Life brought me people who would ultimately make the journey much easier for me. I met my now closest friend Bryan Schroeder and knowing him changed everything for me. Bryan introduced me as his business coach and put me in front of his community. We were off to the races. My client list started growing. I then met my friend Justin Dossey, and Justin invited me to speak at his mastermind in Pensacola, Florida. My client list got longer. Then I met my friend Josh Wilson, and my list grew again. 

Over the years I let a lot of people go in my life. A lot of my old family and friend relationships had expired, and I let them go. I like to say that I let the chickens go who would drop an egg in my lap occasionally, and golden gooses started appearing. These guys dropped gold in my lap daily. 

When you know and work with guys like Bryan, Justin, and Josh credibility instantly increases and word gets around. It's hard not to succeed with allies like this in your life. I'd love to take credit for "building my business", but my business has been built by other people who say my passion, positive intention, and the impact I can make in the world. They believe in me, so they grew my business. I just deliver. 

And that's where we are today. It started from nothing. And it just keeps growing. 


Wherever You Are, Start There

When I chose my dream, I had no idea how to make it come true. I just started. It was scary for sure, but I just kept taking the next logical step. And here we are. 

Too many people have a dream in them, but they want to see the entire path laid out before they'll take a step. They want complete certainty that they will succeed before they begin, so they do nothing. Ever. They just dream of the future instead of stepping into it. To create anything takes a willingness to act. I'm not saying you need to kill yourself with action or put stress on yourself, but this universe responds to inspired, committed action. 

Once you take inspired action, the next step will appear. Once you take that step, the next step will appear. Once you take that step, the next will appear. But most wait to see the entire path. And they just fantasize about taking a step. Fortune favors the bold. And the bold act. 

Wherever you are, start there. Take a step. I've learned that life wants for you what you want for yourself, and life will conspire in your favor - if you commit and move in the direction of your dream. If you get paralyzed, life will wait for you to trust yourself. Once you commit, life will commit with you. And commitment creates luck. 

You must get clear about what you want (Clarity), let go of all doubt (Certainty), and go all-in (Commitment). Once you do, magic will take over - that's my secret ingredient to building this awesome life and business. Magic works every time. 


Putting It All Together

If you take the first step and keep taking steps, you'll get wherever you want to go. Then you'll look back confused as to why you ever doubted in the first place. Life is an ally and will rise to support you. Just take the first step. Start wherever you are. Then take the next. It's super simple, but not easy. Trust me I know it's not easy. 

But there's a dream locked inside of you. And only you can begin to unlock it. No one else can do it for you. 

Take the next step. You'll be astonished what you'll find out about your ability to create anything you want in this world. 

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

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