Back To The Basics

Aug 03, 2022

I'm proud to be a lifelong student. I am constantly accessing new knowledge and wisdom so that I can better understand life, and be more useful in helping others navigate life and business. 

I've faced a dilemma over the past 6 years. When I learn something new, I want to teach it. I get excited. I plan and plot how I'm going to immediately incorporate the new concept into my business and my teaching. This sounds responsible, but it has done a great disservice to those I serve. 

I remember speaking to a group of about 40 jobseekers. My goal was to help them get clear about their skills and talents, what they wanted, and how they'd best find the job of their dreams. I spoke to them for 2 hours. I mean I brought it. I gave them powerful strategies to crush the job search from a place of confidence, courage, and clarity. At the end there were no questions at all. 

My wife Angie was in attendance, and she walked toward me and said "you lost all of them. Fifteen minutes in and they were done. They didn't understand anything you were trying to teach them." I thought I was helping them by teaching them powerful self-mastery concepts which had increased my ability to stand up for myself in a world where I felt invisible, and carve out my own life path. All it did was confuse them. That was 2 hours they'll never get back. 


Teaching The Wrong Chapter

A few months ago, I was brainstorming with my close friend who has experienced my entire transformation, and who has also watched and helped me build my business. He shared some keen insights with me. He reminded me that I'm trying to teach what I just learned, but I've been at the self-mastery game for 6 years. I'm teaching step 6 to many people who haven't mastered or even learned step 1. 

I think that's when it really hit me, and I've been working ever since to peel back my teachings to the basics to be the most effective and impactful teacher I can be. The mission of my company, Inner Wealth, is to make the world a more loving place. To do that I need to help people who are brand new to the Inner Game of Wealth. 


Starting At Chapter 1

Chapter 1 starts like this:

Do you ever notice that there's are voices inside of your mind that are constantly talking?

The craziest part of my teaching journey is that I forgot when I didn't even notice that there were voices and thoughts. I was so used to conversations happening in my mind that I didn't even realize that they were there. When I started to notice them, it was a life-changing experience. When I learned to separate my identity from those voices and realize that I didn't have to believe them, participate in them, or even pay attention to them, I took control of the stories in my mind. When I recognized a lower-level voice of fear, I could dismiss it and choose courage. I'm not my thoughts, and neither are you!

Have you ever paid attention to the voices? They're in there. Maybe you haven't sat still long enough to know what was happening in your mind. We live in a distracted world, and we celebrate destructive behavior which keeps us locked in stress and struggle. 

The first step is to sit in silence and stillness long enough to recognize that thoughts come and go, and you never need to play with them - you can just let them come and go as they please. This will change the game for you. When a worry thought shows up, you can just choose again. You can choose a thought which creates more life, not one that erodes your life. 

There are 4 voices in your mind:

  • Insecurity - the fear of loss
  • Inadequacy - the fear of not being enough
  • Insignificance - the fear that you don't matter
  • Inspiration - the voice of your soul recognizing your natural desires, path, and purpose and helping you feel that inner knowing without worry, doubt, and fear

One of these voices are speaking to you in any thought. Can you tell one from another?


Master Step 1, Master Life

The wealthy, successful, and happy people that I've worked with recognize the voices, and can intentionally let go of insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance to choose inspiration. But first you need to see that there are voices. Step 1 is to see the voices. Only then can you truly begin the build the inspirational life you've always wanted. 

I've designed a new course to get back to the basics. It's called The Inner Game of Wealth Basic Training. For a limited time, I'm offering this course for free. It has 24 short videos, a handout, lots of exercises, and tools to help you master step 1. I only ask that if you register you do the work. The pitfall of free content is most of it never gets opened or executed. By registering you are committing to yourself and to me to dive in and do the work. It will change your life. Only every time. If you want more wealth, success, and happiness in your life, and are willing to do the internal work to make it happen, click the link below. 

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