Have You Asked Yourself "Who Am I?"

Aug 10, 2022

This past weekend we held our summer Inner Game of Wealth Intensive Workshop. It was super powerful with many life-changing breakthroughs. 

One participant felt peace and love for the first time ever. One committed to and started prioritizing her own needs and wants so that she had more to give others. One said "I care about you" to himself for the first time ever. Everyone looked different and their energy felt different when they left the session. It was powerful transformation. 

I believe that if you're willing to shed the current identity you've adopted and embraced you can transform into whoever you want to be. This weekend proved me right. 


Who Am I?

The first exercise of the weekend started with a single question. I asked each attendee to take 10 minutes and answer this simple, but complex, question. The answers didn't surprise me. 

One person wrote about how she is a wife, mother, and caregiver. Another a mayor and business owner. Yet another stated their name, profession, and named their talents. This is typical. People identify with the character they play. 

Let me explain. 


If It Can Change, It's Not You

Allow me to expand your awareness for a second. If it can change, it's not you. Your name can change. You can get divorced. You can change careers. Your success can fade. Your wealth can evaporate. Your health can deteriorate. Your professional title can change. Children can perish. Your diagnosis can change.

As we were sharing, I challenged the students to detach their identity and who they think they are from the roles, titles, preferences, talents and skills, medical conditions, etc. If it can change, it's not you. YOU are permanent, and things in your life change. Just like the seasons change and life continues, just because seasons in your life change doesn't mean that who you are changes. You are like life. In fact, you are life. 


You Are the Observer

Once again, let me stretch your awareness. You are awareness. That is who you are. You are the ghost in the machine. You are spirit having a physical experience. The real you is aware of your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances. YOU are the awareness observing the cycles and temporary nature of life. 

Close your eyes. Do you see the darkness of your eyelids? You are the awareness who sees black. Bring your complete awareness to your left knee. You are the awareness who is focusing on the knee. Feel your breathing. You are the awareness of the breathing process. You are not the black, left knee, or breathing. You are the awareness of those things. 

To experience a wealthy, successful, and truly happy life, it's important that we disassociate our identity from our challenges, obstacles, and even our wins. We can also disassociate ourselves from our past, our pain, our diagnosis, or any status. You are none of those things. You are the observer of all those things. 


Contemplate This Concept

Don't let this article be just another passage that you read, forget, and move on from. Contemplate this. What if you realized and embraced that you are not your outcomes? What if you accepted that things change, but you don't? Would you allow your awareness to stretch to surrender to the concept that you have a mind, you have a body, but you are the eternal, infinite, abundant, and powerful soul that is observing life? 

Would you stretch even farther to see that we all share one awareness, and are living this awareness through different characters at the same time? Would you take it a step even farther to surrender to the notion that you are not here to worship God, but to realize that you are God?

If you do, you'll embrace all the happiness available to you right now. You just need to become aware that you're already everything you've ever wanted to be. Right now. Just observe it.


Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

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