Are You Committed Or Not?

Jul 05, 2023

I've never witnessed one person fully commit to something in their life and fail. Commitment is a state of being that carries with it the support of the entire universe. 

You might even say that commitment creates luck. 

But what is it to be fully committed? Let's explore.



First, we need something to be committed to. When I coach someone, one of the very first activities I do is to help them get really clear about who they want to become, what they want to achieve, and what they want their future life to look and feel like. This is the most important work we do together because everyone knows what they don't want, but very few people know what they do want. Once you know what you want, the path forward becomes much clearer. 

A vision for your life has multiple components. My favorite aspects to focus on are health, wealth, success/impact, and the depth and bond in your closest relationships. Sometimes when someone dives into these areas they might be able to list some bullet points in these areas, but to get really decisive requires another level of clarity. I encourage my students to describe how they feel in their new life and circumstances. I have them describe how they feel when they wake up, how they feel when they are making an impact in the world, how they feel in their healthy bodies, how they feel with their wealth and prosperity, and how they feel when they are engaged in their relationships. 

This feeling part is critical, because that's ultimately why we want new circumstances - because we expect our internal feeling states to change. If you don't get clear about what you want to feel, then you're missing the entire point of creating new circumstances.

When you review your aligned and completed vision, you should be able to feel emotion moving inside of you. It will connect emotionally, and you'll get excited about living that life. My vision makes me tear up and get choked up because I can hardly wait to experience that life. That means it's working. I call this your inspired vision. 

When you have an inspired vision and you get super clear about what you want and how you want to feel in your new life, then we need to decide what actions are required to move the needle. 


Inspired Action

In order to effectively move the needle we need to take inspired action - not just action. Inspired action is action that you "get to" take in order to move the needle in your life. If you look closely at your vision, you'll have an intuitive knowing about what immediate actions are required to start closing the gap between your current state and future state. Don't make this harder than it is. Think simply. The most simple and basic actions taken every day will create exceptional results. 

It's your job to get really clear about what you want and to take daily action to move the needle. The "how" and the "when" of the creation process are none of your business. Just take inspired action. You don't need to have a total understanding of the entire process to close the gap. Take your intuitive inspired action daily.

Your action and total commitment will provide the magic required to make the impossible, possible. 


So what is commitment? Commitment is the state of going all-in. In your vision if you say you want to be healthy and fit, but you keep eating garbage and not working out, you're not committed. If your vision says you want to build a business, but you keep going to your W2 job and not taking action on your business, you're not really committed. If you say you want harmony and love in your relationships, but you keep finding reasons to start conflict or you keep engaging in conflict, you're really not committed to your vision. 

Commitment requires you to begin living as the person in your vision right now, without delay. Commitment requires you to see yourself as the version of you who has already created that new life, and become that person now. There's no need to wait. 

Be the version of you that you dream of now. You need no one else's permission to start. If you continue to make the same choices and decisions you have always made, and behave and act in the same ways, you're not committed. 

And here's the most critical part to remember; commitment is 100%. 99% commitment is equal to 0% commitment. Be the future version of you NOW, and you'll begin to see the world reshape itself around the new version of you like magic. You don't need to know how or when, but when you commit to being the new you, and you go all-in on the new circumstances in your vision, divine providence will carve out a path for you. 

Commitment creates luck. And you are the only one who can really know if you're all-in or not. Your words do not matter. Look to your energy, and the choices and decisions you make each day. They will tell you if you're committed or not. It's really easy to say you want more from life, but your actions will never lie.


Putting It All Together

I learned years ago that life wants for you what you want for yourself. Life is not an adversary, and you don't need to do battle with it. All you need to do is choose your destiny, take inspired action, and commit. When you do those three things, the last action you'll need to take is to receive when it shows up. 

And it always shows up. 

I thought the creation process was a lot harder than it really is. But when I looked at people who were masters of creating new circumstances in their lives I saw a sense of certainty that I didn't possess. You can call that certainty trust or faith. They trusted that they could have whatever they wanted, so the process looked more like choosing than creating. 

And that's when I realized that successful people choose their destiny, while unsuccessful people chase outcomes. It all begins with getting really clear about what you want and taking action. 

But it's commitment that makes the whole universe an ally in your process. Commit to something, and it's yours for the choosing.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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