The Successful Mindset - An Easy Blueprint To Create Wealth And Success

Aug 02, 2023

I've studied the mindset and behaviors of successful people, and I've also studied the mindset and behaviors of unsuccessful people. There are some vast differences in how they think and operate. But once you recognize these differences and do the work to close the gap, results are assured. 

I've come up with three primary qualities of the successful mindset, and in this article I'll dive into each one. Hopefully by understanding these qualities you'll see where you might have a gap, and you'll take action to elevate yourself to be able to create whatever you want in this world. 

Because you can have anything you want. If you believe that, it's true for you. If not, well, you can't. That's the second quality. But let's start at the beginning. 



Do you know why most people don’t have what they want? Because most people don’t know what they want. Seriously. I am not exaggerating. Most people on this planet know exactly what they don't want, and they stay plenty busy trying to avoid things they would rather not experience.

  • Poverty.
  • Loneliness.
  • Failure.
  • Boredom.
  • Rejection.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Isolation.

They keep themselves in frantic amounts of hyperactivity, hustle, struggle, stress, and overexertion trying to avoid what they don’t want - as the overall purpose of their life. They aren't living a life of creation, they are living a life of survival. They usually convince themselves that they are ambitious and are building something, but everything they do and everything they build is simply to avoid what they don't want.

But successful people spend time designing a super clear future state for the life that they want to experience. They are not goal oriented, they are quality of life oriented. They see clearly how all phases of their life - including their health, wealth, impact, and their most intimate relationships - will fit together and be purposeful and meaningful, and that helps them get excited about a future that inspires them. They are creating a higher quality existence each day. This is what gets them out of bed with excitement each morning. They see the future clearly, and every action they take moves them closer to their vision.

 I call this clarity.

With clarity they have a vision which causes them to commit to an inspiring future with intention and a meaningful sense of purpose. They have a future target which energizes and intrinsically motivates them. They're not running from anything, but toward a more prosperous future. People with a solid vision for the future are creating, never just surviving. 

The energy difference is immense.



 Next, they build unshakable belief that they can and will experience their vision. They work to let go of all doubt and disbelief in their mind and body, and they literally embody the vision of their future. 

Let me explain what embodying their vision means. Because this is critical to understand. 

When someone embodies their vision, inside of their mind and body they feel like their vision is already true. They feel that they are just revealing what's already inside of them instead of creating something new in the world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 600 pieces of music during his short 35 year life. When Mozart composed music, he heard the music inside of him, and he was just revealing what was already true in his mind and body. He didn't write the music in the world, he documented what he heard inside of him. 

This is similar to how the successful mindset operates. 

When a successful person gains clarity and certainty their vision is already complete inside of them, and their work in the world is simply to make real outside of them what's real in their mind and body. They don't set out to "try" to accomplish their vision, and they don't set out to "attempt" to achieve their ambitions. As successful people let go increase their belief in themselves and let go of doubt that their vision is possible, the level of certainty and connectedness with their vision increases until it beats in their heart. 

This internal belief moves mountains.

When people experience certainty about their future, they emotionally disconnect from the stories of the past and the circumstances of the present, they emotionally connect with the future in their vision. They literally embody their future state, and it feels true for them. 

And this feeling of truth drives them to the last quality, commitment. 



Commitment is 100%. 99% commitment equals 0% commitment. Commitment is all-in, unconditionally. No quit. If there's a legitimate consideration of quitting, then there's no true commitment.

When a successful person looks at their vision they see what they get to say "yes" to, and what they get to say "no" to. Everything that will not move them closer to their vision - the quality of life they say they want - is viewed as a distraction. 

I've never seen anyone go all-in on anything and fail. There will be challenges and obstacles just like everyone else, for sure. But I've never seen someone fall short of the quality of life they were clear about, certain of, and fully committed to. 

When you go all in on anything, it's like life begins to move pieces of the world around for you, to bring your vision to reality. Whenever I've witnessed someone get to the commitment stage of this process, it's as-if magic becomes part of the process. Take inspired action toward creating your vision, but let go of any control in outcomes. Take action which lights you up, and anticipate success.

Let me say it a different way. The vision is your business. Believing it's already done is your business. How and when your vision comes to reality is none of your business. But I encourage you to leave lots of room for the unexplainable to happen, because when it does it'll make sense to you. We can even call it magic or luck. Leave lots of room for magic and luck, because when you fully commit life will conspire in your favor.

Commitment creates luck. 

The enemy of commitment is impatience. Let go of needing to know how it and when it will happen, and I assure you it will.


Putting it All Together

Here's the process: Get clear about what you want all phases of your life to look like that inspires you, let go of doubt and disbelief that you can have it, and commit, and you'll begin to see your life begin to change but by the power of your clarity, certainty, and commitment. 

This is how my entire life changed. This is how countless others' that I've helped lives have changed. This is how super wealthy and successful people operate. They know deep down they didn't control all outcomes and variables. They know life aided them in the process, and they know the unexpected happened at the most unexplainable times. 

This might be too good to be true. If it is for you, then it's not true for you. If you believe and have certainty that life wants for you what you want for yourself, your dreams are about to become reality.






Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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