Creating Powerful Outcomes

Feb 10, 2021

I started my coaching business in 2017 by myself, with no support, and I almost hit double six figures in my first full year in business. I attribute this to a few things, but here’s what I attribute it to most…

I understood how to make adjustments rapidly and keep going. I was determined to succeed. I would not be stopped. The Marine in me wouldn’t quit.


Honor the Process. Don’t Stop at the Outcomes.

When I’m out running, I spend a lot of time thinking and contemplating, trying to understand life at a greater perspective.

My awareness doesn’t want to take a moment off from understanding things on a deeper level. When I was running this morning, this is what came up. In every outcome you are trying to achieve, there are some areas of focus. I’m going to walk you through the dimensions of creating outcomes in your life and what it takes to build something powerful.

  1. Vision. Write a vision. What do you want the future to look like? What is the clarity behind what you’re trying to create?
  2. Strategy. What is your 10,000-foot view approach to creating this vision?
  3. Tactics. What are your action steps?
  4. Execution. How will you effectively execute the tactics?
  5. Outcomes.  What results did you achieve?
  6. Assessment. What do the outcomes tell you about the effectiveness of steps 1-5?
  7. Adjustment. What adjustments can you make to steps 2-5 to improve the outcomes and move them closer to your vision?

Each of these pieces are effective in creating outcomes. If we stop at #6, we are missing the beauty. Most entrepreneurs and business owners will fail nine times out of 10, and that one success is golden. It comes from trying nine times, failing nine times, and then finally getting the adjustment correct and succeeding.

Don’t stop at the outcomes and assessment. The adjustment is the most important portion of achieving any outcome that you are looking to achieve.

Do you know the reason most people don't wake up excited about the life they're living? Because they don't even know what that looks like or they don't believe that their dreams are even possible. Once you are clear about what you want, the entire universe conspires in your favor.

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