Creating Your Vision is a First Step of Self-Mastery

Dec 03, 2018

Creating a vision and your unique path

I’ve got it all, but I’ve got nothing.

I’ve heard this same story over and over. Millionaires who thought money would make them happy. Business owners who created successful businesses but lost their families in the process. Professionals moving closer to goals that they are not passionate about. People who set big goals only because the “grind gurus” and “hustle whores” convinced them they were less-than without.

Everyone has a different path, a different direction, and a different end in mind. There is no one way.

By unapologetically and unconditionally creating the path and the destination that YOU desire – regardless of other influences – you give yourself permission to actually do what you desire and find happiness in the outcome.

At the end of the day, only your happiness really matters. Everything in your life either supports or detracts from your happiness, and working your plan, or your “vision,” will help you realize genuine internal power and the freedom that comes with it.

What is a vision?

A vision is a guide that states your intentions in life. Optimally, this document is a single page, but no more than two, containing elements that are of utmost importance to you. Key areas for consideration in a vision are relationships, health, financial state, business goals, hobbies, entertainment, spirituality, and any other areas most important to you.

The vision statement is evergreen – meaning that it can be updated at any time as you evolve, shift, or refocus in life. The vision will not capture every action required to achieve it. But every decision you make must be compared to the vision to see if the decision or option is “in my vision.”

Why is a vision important?

If people, opportunities, or experiences appear in your life and they don’t fit your vision, you must consider declining out of a lack of fit with your vision – your life’s guide.

It is easy to shift your vision to accommodate a temporary desire or the people in your life. Remaining committed to your vision, you will reach your destination without sacrificing in another area.

When you read daily, or multiple times a day, you will find yourself approaching your vision steadily and without massive resistance. Even though the document is evergreen, consistency is key.

Can we have it all?

Certainly, we can! When you live an aligned life, a life that feels natural; one that creates massive outcomes and never sacrifices well-being and happiness in the process, you realize that life is not an either/or scenario, but an and/and scenario.

You might have been conditioned to feel that you need to sacrifice one area to attain another. But you can recondition your brain to recognize that you do not need to give up something to gain another thing. Those who live inside-out can have it all.

There will be challenges along the way, but as you become more confident, courageous, and clear in your alignment. You will adjust and respond to the challenges to minimize their impacts on your momentum.

The means justify the ends

The process is as important as the outcome.

There are plenty of grind-gurus and hustle-whores in the world who will tell you that the only way to live life and achieve success is through grind and hustle. They teach that relentless pursuit of goals, and attaining wealth will establish happiness and well-being. 

I’ve tried this. It doesn’t work. In my coaching practice, I’ve experienced plenty of millionaires who realized later on that there was more to life than just money. Having money is fantastic, however, I encourage you to want all that you can get in a way that doesn’t sacrifice YOU and provides value. Attaining wealth while sacrificing everything else will make you feel empty and incomplete; like you’ve wasted your life on a purposeless goal.

Service-based wealth that has been generated while also maintaining health, relationships, hobbies and activities and other aspects of a complete life will create freedom.

That’s what having money enables – freedom. I want you to have all the freedom you desire – but not by placing yourself in captivity in the short-term to enable freedom in the long- term.

You can have freedom now while you are creating increased freedom later. You can have it all!

A Better Way

We are all designed in a completely unique way, so there’s likely no single process of goal attainment that is fully aligned with everyone. However, I’d have you consider that you have a better chance of having it all if you honor your differences at the front-end of the process instead of the back-end.

If you dive into radical self-awareness up front by understanding your values, purpose, and vision, you can develop into the person capable of achieving your targets – from the inside- out. 

The Journey Begins

Moving forward, my Creating A Vision guide will walk you through the process of creating a vision. Your vision. You will determine what you want and how you want to get it, and then seek accountability and support toward what you want.

The goal of this exercise is to give you a clear destination that feels good for you, then allow you to begin to transform into the person capable of achieving that vision. You will not need to grind or hustle if you establish a solid vision. Your work will not feel like a sacrifice.

Once you establish a solid vision and direction, you will get to wake up each day to embrace and create your vision. You will not have the burden of waking up to go places you don’t want to go, to do things you don’t want to do, with people you don’t want to work with.

Your vision should enable, empower, and energize you. If it doesn’t, it isn’t the right vision for you. Be kind to yourself – chances are, you’ve spent half your life living the traditional way of chasing money, chasing goals that don’t inspire you, or living a life of someone else’s dreams. Your vision should release you from those things and inspire you to take aligned action to live radically authentically – whatever that means for you.

My Invitation To You

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