Resolve Challenges to Power Outcomes Through Self-Mastery

Nov 26, 2018

It’s nearing three years since I’ve learned to resolve challenges to power outcomes through a process of self-mastery.

After my second executive level termination in less than 20 months I sat in my home office at 300 lbs, with declining physical health. In active alcoholism, I had no income and a marriage and family on the brink of collapse. Rock bottom. I looked to revert back to the old process I had effectively used over and over: work harder, work more, and try to change myself, my story, and my behavior to fit the needs of everyone around me.

Choosing comfort over growth was my normal mode of operation. I just wanted my familiar pain back instead of the uncomfortable pain I was experiencing. The problem was there was no new income source and relief for my internal struggles in sight. The pain was real, and it was not going away any time soon.

Unless I made some radical changes. So I embarked on a journey of self-mastery.

My Early Journey

I hired a mentor, created a new life’s vision, and committed to physical, mental, and emotional exercises to support my healing and growth.

Over time my vision became clearer and my overall health improved. I recovered from active alcoholism, my marriage healed, and I built an executive coaching business to help other executives avoid the pain I had felt.

During the course of my journey I learned some valuable lessons about how we are conditioned for success. We are taught to ignore the pain we feel, apply more effort to careers, and we expect all of the pain to subside at some point. I found that this doesn’t work. In fact, it simply creates more pain.

As you clear the pain, the rocks in your path, the challenges begin to resolve themselves and powerful outcomes begin to unfold. We often exert effort to achieve results. When we exert effort on resolving internal pain, outcomes become relatively effortless.

From Experiences to Outcomes

Early in my journey, I began breathing in new knowledge and wisdom like it was oxygen. One book that connected deeply was ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen. Written in 1903, this was not new information but presented the process of creation in clearer terms than ever. After I read this amazing book I studied its contents more and gained even more clarity.

The process of creation is as follows:

Experiences (from our childhood) create our belief system.

Beliefs create thoughts.

Thoughts create feelings and emotions.

Feelings and Emotions create action or inaction.

Action or inaction creates habits.

Habits create character.

Character creates outcomes.

In order to be more, we attempt to do more. But most fail to become more because we allow the same painful experiences and beliefs to influence our behavior.

By redefining our past experiences and reshaping our belief systems we can positively influence the entire process of creation. By becoming a more powerful version of ourselves, our ability to resolve challenges will grow to outmatch our challenges. This creates personal power.

The Impact of Personal Power

Personal power is another term for inner strength, persistence, resilience, confidence, courage, and clarity. These traits serve to influence tangible results in whatever you are seeking to create.

One of my favorite ‘Gurus’, T. Harv Eker says that successful people Be-Do-Have, while unsuccessful people Have-Do-Be.

Successful people become who they need to be so that they can do what they need to do so that they can have what they want to have.

Unsuccessful people wait until they have what they feel they need so that they can do what they feel they need to do, to eventually be who they want to be.

Establishing and consistently growing personal power enables you to be the person who can easily overcome the challenges holding you back from your goals.

Nothing on the outside of you will ever allow you to become a different person inside. The inside creates the outside, never the opposite.

Self-Mastery Demonstrated

The process of self-mastery goes well beyond my own journey. I have coached many executives to become more powerful in their lives and careers through self-mastery. Title and external success can never dictate internal happiness, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction.

  • A Fortune 500 aerospace executive healed the endless quest for income and titles as a source of identity and perceived safety. She once grasped for more external significance because she lacked the internal significance to give her the confidence she mattered. As we worked together and healed her painful childhood emotional traumas she was promoted because of her confidence, courage, and clarity increased. This made her even more attractive to her organization. My client then had what she wanted all along through her success – internal fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • A seasoned executive chef who was a scholarship graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute felt completely inadequate in his skills, performance, and ability to deliver high-quality food. Every review he had ever received was world-class. By focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health, he gained internal confidence, courage, and clarity. We launched his business. He began working in the homes of active and retired athletes. Then he began traveling as the personal chef for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team. Now he fully appreciates his talents as much as others do.
  • A financial fund manager had everything material imaginable and felt empty and unclear about how to regain the confidence and enthusiasm he once possessed. He had always valued community above all else, and as he ascended in significance and wealth he felt more alone and unfulfilled. We determined that he craved community, and had always expected to find the feeling of increased community through wealth, and found isolation instead. We launched a new venture which would allow him to build a community aligned with things that excited him and made him wealthy. He will soon have wealth and community in alignment with his deepest desires.

These folks are unique, but they are not different. Your story can change just like theirs.

My Invitation To You

I invite you on the self-mastery journey with me. If you’d like to connect to get more information about me or coaching with me, email me at [email protected].

If you are serious and ready to go, schedule some time with me to connect powerfully.

Listen to your soul. It’s trying to get your attention. If you desire more, that desire will never go away. Start your own journey now!

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