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Sep 30, 2018

Despite being a leader you might lack confidence, courage, and the resolve to feel fully effective in your leadership role. You simply show up each day and hope everything turns out ok. It usually does, and you hope it always will.

Hope is not an effective strategy.

Deep inside, you know your performance would improve if you just felt more internally powerful. You wonder why you continue to doubt yourself and your abilities day-after-day. Second guessing yourself while occasionally shrinking and hiding from challenges, you wonder when it’s all going to fall apart.

At least that’s my story, and I have coached executives and other professionals who felt the same exact things. Regardless of role or title, no one is immune. Sometimes, the bigger the title, the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the self-doubt.

The bigger the level of authority and impact, the harder they fall.

Traditional Leadership Coaching and Development

You stand with your arms crossed, blind-folded. Behind you is your existing corporate team, or even people you’ve just met. They wait for you to fall back into their arms. Taking a deep breath, you fall backward. They catch you! Everyone cheers! Hooray! You come back to the office fired up! And after the leadership retreat, your performance never shifts. Any additional motivation is short-lived and wears off. Your self-doubts and lack of confidence return full-force.

The leader’s character did not shift.

The traditional way to try to overcome feelings of inadequacy or insecurity is by going to leadership training. You read some leadership books, take some management courses, or invest money in programs designed to build trust and your ability to influence people.  These methods tool you up and give you new approaches to handling challenges. But they never really focus on the real issue – you.

Personal power does not simply appear because of a title, and it certainly can’t be taught in a classroom.

A Proven Approach – Build From the Inside-Out

It’s never the size of the challenge, or the skills the leader possesses that is the problem. A leader can only get results with external approaches equal to the level of their internal personal power: confidence, courage, and resolve needed to face the challenges. For external transformation, the leader’s internal state needs to shift at a rate that outpaces growing external challenges.

Developing internal power, courage, and resolve builds character. Character creates results.

Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity caught up with me. These feelings led to alcoholism, an abusive marriage and lifestyle, and a lack of self-worth and confidence which ended my run. I took a year off to work with a coach to dig inside to understand why I felt inadequate and insecure. My coach and I focused on rebuilding my health, marriage, and family. Reinvented myself – totally transforming from the inside-out. I embarked on a journey of self-mastery, not professional or leadership development which would have just put me back into a similar experience.

Self-Mastery includes aggressively focusing on, developing, and expanding physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially – daily. I will teach you how to show up powerfully for yourself. Then you will show up powerfully to lead others. The journey is inside-out.

Character strengthens. Because of internal shifts, any skills and talents you employ will increase in effectiveness as well. When we work together we will shift your self-doubt to confidence, your desire to shrink from challenges to enthusiasm for growth, and your lack of results to extraordinary performance.

The lessons I have learned, practice, and teach allow me to coach executives and professionals from coast to coast to feel as powerful and successful inside as they appear to those they lead. For me, it’s not just a business, but a purpose and a mission.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

If you desire mental and emotional freedom from the imposter in charge, no one can and will serve you more powerfully.

Reach out to connect and learn more about coaching with me. If you are ready to master your confidence, courage, and build unshakable resolve, or just want to explore even deeper, schedule some time with me. The first 45 minutes are on me!

If you’d rather explore a little more on your own, check out my courses or see the favorite books that helped me.

Reinvention is possible and certain. I hope you feel the power and freedom I am confident you can feel!

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