Master Yourself and You Will Change Your Outcomes

Sep 23, 2018

The scene is in Punxsutawney, PA on Groundhog’s Day. Phil, a news reporter, is set to cover the big day. He’s in bed with the covers up to his neck. On the nightstand beside him, his master, the alarm clock, reads 5:59am. Phil is sleeping, and we wait for the clock to flip so that he can get out of bed.

The clock flips to 6:00am. Phil carries out the same morning routine as past mornings. He has the same breakfast. He sees the same people on the streets. He does the same job. Even Phil’s evening is a loop.

Then, he is back in bed in the very next morning, with the exact same scene, with his master at 5:59am, waiting to flip to 6:00am… So he can experience the same day, over and over and over.

In ‘Groundhog Day’ by Harold Ramis and Danny Rubin, the writers develop a sequence that most executives and professionals live. We wake up each day to carry out the same sequences and experiences in our days. It is an endless loop which seems to go nowhere. We want to break free. We feel the pressure and stress of our days. We either wait for our big break, or retirement. We play victim, not master.

Sometimes We Lack The Ability To Break Free

I lived this unconscious cycle and pattern for 43 years. I wanted to break out, but didn’t know how. For most of us, we allow life to come at us, reacting to whatever shows up. We follow the rules we were taught: get good grades in high-school, get a degree or two, work hard, ascend the ladder, buy a big house, and go on annual vacations. When you have all the things, you’ll have arrived.

We follow the rules, but the rules are wrong. Inner happiness never comes from external circumstances. The only thing that type of life brings is an increase in the pressure and stress to continue to attain more. We hope one day we’ll feel a sense of peace and contentment.

I ultimately needed to lose just about everything in order to wake-up from my draining cycles and patterns.

Master Yourself to Master Your Outcomes

In order to master the world, I first needed to master self. I learned a framework and set of tools that built inner strength, courage, confidence, self-esteem, and financial prosperity. This framework allowed me to live life on my own terms. I still live it today. Daily I build physical well-being, mental discipline, emotional clarity, inner and outer significance, and strive to achieve fulfillment through self-actualization – living authentically in a state of personal power. True self-mastery. Through this process, I have built the business of my dreams, with ever expanding time and financial freedom. Most importantly, my family is thriving because of my happiness and authenticity.

I work on this with my clients every day. With these tools and disciplines I can teach them how to build and step into their power each day. They create their day instead of having their day unconsciously unfold. I remind them of who they really are, help them reawaken their body, mind, and emotions, and get realigned with their true purpose.

You can break free. You can feel as powerful and successful inside as you appear on the outside. It just takes breaking free from the Groundhog Day you’ve created by first mastering yourself.

Do you know the reason most people don't wake up excited about the life they're living? Because they don't even know what that looks like or they don't believe that their dreams are even possible. Once you are clear about what you want, the entire universe conspires in your favor.

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