Prosperity Principle #5 - Emotional Courage

Jul 07, 2021

We're on a journey of covering my seven prosperity principles, which,  when put into action, will create more wealth success and happiness in your life from ease, not from struggle or stress.

The first prosperity principle we covered was self-acceptance – embracing who you are, fully understanding your purpose and diving head first into the life that you were born to create.

Prosperity Principle #2 was about dreaming – creating big dreams because the bigger your dreams, the bigger your outcomes. 

Prosperity Principle #3 was about physical well-being because creating your vision takes energy enthusiasm. It takes vitality. The more physical well-being you have in your life, the more likely you are to go the long distance it takes to achieve your vision, your destiny, and your purpose.

Prosperity Principle #4 was about mental clarity and harnessing the power of the human mind through focus and creating positive intention.

Today, we cover Prosperity Principle #5 – emotional courage.

Creating your vision takes courage, which is the willingness and ability to feel what you don't want to feel, to lose what you don't want to lose, and to fully appreciate the uncertainty of life.

Look, when you truly understand that you are on time and on purpose that you are not a coincidence. You're not a mistake. When you fully give yourself permission to create big dreams, moving towards those dreams is going to create emotion in you. You don't want to feel fear doubt, anger, shame, guilt, frustration – all of these emotions are going to come to the surface – and you're going to have to face them from time to time.

Emotional courage is not the absence of emotion. Emotional courage is the willingness, excitement, and acceptance of feeling every human emotion and still being able to move towards your vision and purpose.

As you grow as a human being, you're going to shed layers.

You're going to outgrow who you were.

You're going to outgrow some people and some things that got you where you are.

You're going to lose things that you'd rather not lose and in order to fully tread the path that's perfect for you, you must be willing to lose those things.

This takes courage. 

I’m a Marine veteran and in the Marine Corps, we learned superficial courage. It's the absence of emotion but I would say that emotional courage is not the absence of fear. 

Emotional courage is the presence of fear and still being able to carry out the mission perfectly because if you can't feel, then you truly can't feel happiness.

If you're not willing to lose what you'd rather not lose, you can't continue to go forward in a way that's perfectly aligned and perfectly perfect for you.

There are 7.8 billion people on the face of the planet. Your journey is unique and no one will understand it except for you.

You must be willing to get on your path regardless of what anybody else wants for you, and what anybody else thinks is in your best interest and when you do so, it will create emotion in you and you must be willing to feel that emotion.

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