Prosperity Principle #6 - Social Connection

Jul 14, 2021

The past few weeks, we've been covering my seven Prosperity Principles. These are the principles that, when put into action, will help you create breakthrough levels of wealth, success and happiness in your life.

We've covered five so far:

Prosperity Principle #1 – accepting, embracing and appreciating all that you are without rejecting any aspect of yourself. It's about understanding that your talents, your gifts, and your desires are unique to you. They are your competitive advantage.

Prosperity Principle #2 – Big dream, big life. Small dream, small life. It's about casting a vision so big that it excites you.

Prosperity Principle #3 – physical health. It's about creating energy excitement, enthusiasm, stamina and vitality in your body that allows you to create your vision.

Prosperity Principle #4 – mental clarity. It's about weaponizing and focusing your mind to aid you in your journey instead of allowing fear, doubt and skepticism to creep in and keep you from creating the dream that you dream.

Prosperity Principle #5 – emotional courage. It's about being willing and able to feel any emotion that pops up in your life and still move forward. It's about being willing to lose anything in your life and still move forward. It's about being willing to embrace and experience the uncertainty of life and still move forward.

Today, we cover Prosperity Principle #6:

It's not who you know that matters but how willing you are to form deep honest relationships with people who support your vision.

There's no way that my life transformed without being surrounded by the right people. Jim Rohn said that you become the average of the top five people you spend the most time with, and this is absolutely true. For 43 years, I was around people who were living in fear, doubt, skepticism and cynicism. They believed that life was hard, and that making money was hard. They believed that life was dangerous, and that money was their identity. I became those people and that's why life was so hard because I was surrounded by people who believed life was hard and from that place, I lost my career, my income, I almost lost my family, and I almost lost my own life.

It was at that point when I started meeting new people – successful business owners who had wealth, success and happiness, and they actually appreciated, accepted and loved me for who I was at that moment. They never encouraged me to be somebody different. They never told me I couldn't be successful being who I was. They said that authenticity, vulnerability, love, appreciation, respect and dropping fear-based existence was the way to experience everything I wanted to experience. 

The more I accepted myself, the more they accepted me. The more I loved myself, the more they loved me. The more I appreciated myself, the more they appreciated me.

There wasn't one time that I told them about a dream, vision or a goal that I had that they told me that it was impossible. They always encouraged, inspired and motivated me to want what I wanted, to go after what I dreamed of, and they never projected their fear, shame, guilt or doubt on me.

In the corporate world, I was taught that it was who you knew who made you successful and that's just not true. Are you surrounded by people who want for you what you want for you without any selfishness on their part? When you find a social connection with people who LOVE (letting others voluntarily evolve), you can't help but become wealthier, more successful, and happier in your life. Authenticity and vulnerability – those two combined create everything that you want to create in this world.

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