Self-Mastery Coaching vs. Business & Life Coaching

Sep 17, 2018

 I have a cool title, Executive Self-Mastery Coach. I knew it was right when I felt that ‘click’ moment. It epitomizes everything I strive for in my own life, and what I teach. 

I’m not just a life or business coach. There is an incredible difference between self-mastery coaching and life and business coaching. Self-mastery coaching addresses life and business challenges as necessary, but life and business coaching do not bring self-mastery. I know it sounds complicated, but stick with me here. 

Technically I am a certified life coach, and I also hold an MBA and 20+ years of business leadership experience. I use all of these in my practice.

Self-Mastery vs. Life and Business Coaching

Traditional life and business coaching basically addresses current challenges as they appear. In my experience with other coaches, life and business coaching takes a reactionary approach to overcoming these challenges. As challenges arise, the coach simply supports the client and helps them navigate that challenge.

With self-mastery coaching, I teach you a system and framework which develops your internal power. That power proactively increases your self-esteem, self-confidence, courage, clarity, and ability to respond to challenges as they appear. You face life from a position of proactive raw power and strength.

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his now widely proven and accepted theory called ‘The Hierarchy of Needs’, which was based on his life’s study and research about what enabled individuals to attain fulfillment in their lives.



Projected into actionable elements, you must first establish physical well-being, mental discipline (safety and security is a mind-set i.e. rich people who feel scarce), and emotional clarity, before truly feeling significance and the purpose and connection found in spirituality.

Join Me On The Journey!

I will lead you to body, mind, and emotional expansion which enables you to navigate life and business challenges from a position of power. The more fiercely you embrace the journey and expand, the more confidence you’ll recognize to face these challenges. 

The self-mastery journey is gorgeous and exciting. You can experience life differently, and positive outcomes in your health, wealth, and love can expand rapidly. If we were to work together, during our sessions, we wouldn’t just address challenges as they arise. We would acknowledge what’s happening in your life as you learn how to take on life with power and courage, no matter what is put in your path, and go forward without emotional pain and self-doubt.

If you crave freedom from the internal struggles that hold you back and want to love and be loved, feel like you matter, and be productive and successful, self-mastery coaching can put you on the path to total freedom and prosperity. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me.

Connect with me to explore a powerful coaching relationship.

If you are not ready yet, I got started on my self-mastery journey with the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and I encourage you to check it out!

All the best!


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