Top Three Tools to Get Clarity

Aug 18, 2021

Over the last few weeks, I've talked extensively about the importance and the criticality of getting really clear about what you're looking to create in the future, in your wealth, your success, and your happiness.

Today, I want to give you my top three tools for getting clear, but first I want to tell you that the wealthy, successful, and happy people I work with are not too proud to use these tips and tools. Some of the unsuccessful people that I have worked with in the past – who said they wanted more success – weren't willing to humble themselves and to be “uncool” and use some of these tools.

So I'm going to give you the three top tools I use to create more clarity, and from that clarity, I create outcomes easier than you could imagine.


My top tool is meditation. The average entrepreneur business owner has an excess of 120,000 thoughts per day. It could even be nearing 200,000 thoughts because of the dynamic nature of problems that we get to solve as they arise in our lives and our businesses. That's the nature of being an entrepreneur – find a problem, fix a problem – and there's always something to think about. There's always something that's popping up for us to address. Getting through the clutter of that chaos is critical to getting clarity. I encourage you to sit on a meditation pillow, lay down, or sit back in your chair and close your eyes, breathe deeply, and just feel the breath coming out of your mouth, entering your nose, and circulating in your body. Bringing yourself back to your breath every time you start to recognize that you're thinking again. Over time, just bringing yourself back to your breath over the days, weeks, months, and years of practicing meditation, will slow the volume of thoughts that you're experiencing daily. It'll create more peace, harmony, and clarity. 


My second top tool is documentation – the art of journaling. Don't make this too difficult. Just take a blank page and start writing. Write your thoughts and your fears, your ambitions, your goals, your dreams, your obstacles, your challenges, and, over time, as you get all of that out of your mind and body, and on paper, you'll see the clarity start to evolve both on paper and in your mind's eye. There's power in visualization but there's another level of power in connecting the mind with the hand and seeing what you're thinking.


My third top tool is contemplation. It's literally taking the future you and shaping it into a ball of clay to build your health, your wealth, and your relationships. You get to construct a future you! What does your health look like? What does your business look like? What does your marriage look like? What does your house look like? You get to construct this future state that you're looking to step into like it's Play-Doh. When you're contemplating, I want you to smell what it smells like, taste what it tastes like, and feel what it feels like.

I encourage you to bring every sense that you have into the ballgame of contemplation. Just do this in long stretches – 30-60 minutes – just sit in complete silence and stillness and be with your thoughts. Some people distract themselves in life with overwork, alcohol, entertainment, and recreation because they can't sit with their thoughts. The more you sit with your thoughts, the more you'll understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more clarity you'll have. The more clarity you have, the better the opportunity to create a better you, and a better future, and step into higher levels. 

Use these tools and step into higher levels of wealth, success, and happiness. You won't regret it.

Do you know the reason most people don't wake up excited about the life they're living? Because they don't even know what that looks like or they don't believe that their dreams are even possible. Once you are clear about what you want, the entire universe conspires in your favor.

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