Are You Letting Worry, Doubts And Fear Suffocate Your Life?

Nov 03, 2021

For most of my life I allowed worry, doubts and fear suffocate me and crush my dreams. The weight of my mind and emotions became so heavy that everything eventually collapsed - including my health, income, and my family. 

That's when I realized that I had nothing figured out, and I got the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start all over. Lucky for me I had some financial reserves to fall back on while I took time to reset everything, and the new me is so much more peaceful, powerful, and prosperous than the old me. I now have internal joy and love to share with my family, friends and clients. 

Before I had abundance to share with others I needed to understand and resolve the worry, doubts and fears that were hiding and buried inside of me. 


Worry, Doubts and Fear Come From Our Biology

The first thing I discovered is that every single human being on the planet - all 7.88 billion people - are dealing with worry, doubt, and fear, and since you are too, you're perfectly imperfect just like everyone else. 

Worry, doubt and fear are human conditions. We each have a physical structure at the base of our brain called an amygdala, and this is the center which supports our physical survival. The amygdala is the source of our fight, flight or freeze responses, and it's only job is to keep us alive. It often alerts us to "dangers" which don't exist. It looks at everything that is uncertain or unknown as a potential danger to survival, and this is why people struggle to make changes in life. Your body and mind are structurally created to play it safe and seek certainty and the familiar.

When you want to understand worry, doubt, and fear, the first order of business is to recognize that it will always exist. Always. You'll never outgrow them. Embrace them and love them for the support they provide. They're meant to help, not hurt. The amygdala doesn't understand that 99.9% of all the signals it gives you are false. It's part of our lizard brain and still exists even though we've evolved beyond the need for lizard-like survival instincts. 

It's not going anywhere, so embrace, accept it and love it as part of you. Trying to silence it is futile. Just surrender and observe it instead of listening to what it tells you.

Life is much easier that way. 


Worry, Doubts and Fear Come From Our Past Experiences

Our subconscious mind contains the negative consequences from every experience we've ever had. The subconscious mind tries to "protect us" from repeating the same consequences, so it will try to steer us clear from anything which looks remotely familiar to anything which caused us pain. It becomes suffocating as time goes on. 

For instance, if you started a business and it failed, the subconscious mind will do everything in its power to keep you from starting another business. Even thinking about it will bring about worry, doubts and fear meant to help you avoid the same consequences. Like the amygdala the subconscious mind is trying to keep us safe, but it doesn't understand that we can learn from these mistakes and use them to our advantage. The subconscious mind will work overtime to keep you from experiencing the same pain - even though you might be in even more pain right now and the starting a business is your path to freedom. 

Every time you have a "negative" experience in life you plant a seed in the subconscious which narrows your path more. The more negative experiences you have the narrower your available path will be. People with many traumatic experiences or many painful failures will become extremely risk-averse and security-oriented. The more pain you experience in life, the more your subconscious will alert you to potential pain - real or false. The alerts to pain become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pain avoidance becomes suffocation. 

Heal your past experiences, and your worry, doubt and fear will dramatically change.


Worry, Doubt and Fear Come From Our Childhood Programming

When your parents, teachers and authority figures taught you that life is hard, making money is hard, you need to work hard for your money, to not work is lazy, the rich are greedy and evil, there's a place called hell where you'll burn forever, Santa won't bring you toys if you're bad, or whenever they used guilt and shame to manipulate you, they programmed you to believe things that weren't true or healthy for you. They passed on to you what they believed or what is readily accepted in society, but these still aren't true for the person who doesn't believe them or is not familiar with the limitations they impose.

There's a difference between a belief and a truth, and if something is not true for one single person out of the 7.88 billion people in the world, then it is a belief, not a truth. Making money is not hard. It's only hard if you believe it's hard. There are people who find it very easy to make money, so this is not truth, just a belief. There is no Santa and you don't need to be "good" to receive things. You don't need to work hard for money because working smarter makes working harder unnecessary. 

When you are a child you are easily programmed to believe what others believe - even if what they are teaching is not true. This is why two people hold different belief systems and see the world differently - they are programmed differently. 

The subconscious holds all of our programming, and to understand our programming we simply need to look at our outcomes. If you struggle to make money you might believe money is hard to make. If you struggle in relationships it's because you might believe relationships are hard. If you struggle with health it's because you might believe that health is hard. Simply look at your circumstances and you'll begin to see your programming. 

Change your programming, change your circumstances. 


Resources To Aid You In Reducing Worry, Fear And Doubt

First, if you don't have a meditation practice, consider starting one. Start small. A meditation practice will change your life. It will quiet the mind and help you understand your patterns of worry, doubt and fear.

Second, cleanse your life and environment and what you consume. Eliminate anything or anyone that increases your worry, doubt, and fear, and add back things which promote and increase your harmony, ease, and joy. 

Third, read these three books ASAP:

  1. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joseph Dispenza
  2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  3. Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

These books will help you understand the mind and the sources of your worry, doubts and fear. 

It requires practice to experience internal peace, love, and joy. Understand these reasons why you experience such internal chaos, and utilize these three tools, techniques, and tips to help you shift to a life of joy. 

If you are open to support, reach out to me any time. I have more programs and tools to help, and I'm always willing to support people who are open to support. 

So I ask, are you ready to enjoy a more powerful life?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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