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"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

What Is The Inner Wealth Mastermind?

The Inner Wealth Mastermind is a group of business owners who gather to learn to create more wealth, success and happiness in our lives and within our community. We help each other shift from survival mode to creator mode. Unfortunately in society, most people never transcend survival mode with daily struggles in their wealth, health, and relationships. We crave more than just surviving. We choose to create expanding levels in every area of life.

Living in survival mode consists of living primarily from these states:

  • Struggles in your finances, health, or relationships.
  • Making decisions from worry, doubt or fear.
  • Adjusting your own life because of someone else’s worry, doubt or fear.
  • Living in states of conflict, drama or gossip.
  • Remaining small because of insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance.
  • Living from a place of obligation instead of inspiration.
  • Compromising who you are.
  • Dancing around lies and secrets, and hiding yourself away.
  • Making choices which are self-destructive.
  • Honoring expired commitments.
  • Using guilt, shame, anger, threats or blame as weapons, or being manipulated and controlled by them.
  • Basing your entire life solely on someone else’s wants or needs.
  • Forcing yourself into someone else’s beliefs or worldview.
  • Tap-dancing around someone else’s pain.
  • Being afraid of not being able to make it to the next day, week, month or year.

These are all aspects of survival-based living. These are really not living - but trying not to die. This is prolonging our misery as long as possible until we expire.

When we understand the tenants of survival mode, we can make a conscious choice to live from creator mode. Creator mode is living authentically without guilt and shame and expanding our circumstances naturally. From this place we begin to experience the joy of living and experience true wealth, success and happiness.

Our mastermind is comprised of business owners looking to transcend survival-based thinking and living, as well as business owners already living in creator mode who continue to expand every circumstance in their lives. Together, we expand every circumstance in our community shamelessly for the betterment of ourselves and society.

We win more, and we win together. We believe that 1+1=3, and we know that we are more powerful together than as individuals. There's definitely power in being around others who might be ahead of you or behind you, but are still on the same path.

Who Is The Inner Wealth Mastermind For?

Our Mastermind is for business owners who are hungry, humble and smart, who desire more wealth, success and happiness, and who want to share the journey of life and business with others who are seeking the same. Our group is for generous, accepting, supportive and encouraging business owners who are just as interested in helping others win as they are in winning themselves. 

We recognize survival and creator mode approaches to life, and help each other constantly transcend survival-based thoughts, emotions and actions to embrace and recognize the reality and accessibility of wealth, success, and happiness.

We strive to show up raw, vulnerable and authentic. We go deep inside of our mental and emotional challenges, obstacles and traumas to understand and clear internal resistance. We discuss the internal conflicts which keep us stuck.  If we don't understand what's happening in each others' lives, there's no way to help or support. This requires creating a safe and accepting community which is judgement-free.

The right people join to be part of a powerful community, and they join expecting to grow with and within the group over a sustained period of time.

Who Is The Inner Wealth Mastermind NOT For?

Our Mastermind is NOT for business owners who are are self-obsessed, judgemental, unkind, impatient, or looking for the quick fix to their financial, health, or relationship struggles. We are not for business owners who are only focused on achieving financial gains and business success at the expense of the rest of their lives.

We are for business owners who want to grow with others over time and constantly expand our circumstances through increasing our awareness, meaning, purpose, impact, and time and financial freedom.

When Does The Inner Wealth Mastermind Meet?

We meet virtually each Thursday at 8am CST. The calls are recorded and shared so that members who miss a meeting can view the session.

We have an optional book study on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm CST. We walk together section-by-section through a life-changing book, and discuss the material in depth - while applying the key concepts in our own lives.

We have an optional Soul Sciences study each Thursday at 1pm CST. Soul Sciences use ancient science and philosophy to help the individual understand themselves, their talents and gifts, and their unique purpose in a very deep way.  Increased self-awareness helps us live a more complete and fulfilled life.

On the last Friday of every month, the ladies are invited to an exclusive Zoom call titled The Women of Inner Wealth. This is optional, but encouraged. The session creates a unique bond, and they dive deep into their unique challenges. 

We plan two Inner Wealth Retreats per year, with one in St. Louis, Missouri and one in a desirable location outside of the St. Louis area. Retreats bring us together in a physical environment to learn, bond, and relate in an in-person setting. These retreats are the backbone of the mastermind. There are additional expenses for the retreat for the ticket price, travel, and lodging.  

What Is The Investment For The Inner Wealth Mastermind?

The investment for the Inner Wealth Mastermind is $747 each month. This investment includes all virtual meetings, optional book study, and optional soul sciences study. 

Your spouse or committed significant other is included in all activities at no additional cost for the virtual calls.

The Inner Circle

We have an exclusive, invite-only Inner Circle for business owners who have grown beyond survival mode, and have no recurring hardships. 

The members of the Inner Circle are established business owners with significant financial wherewithal, show up reliably, and contribute regularly as teachers and students inside of our community. These Inner Circle members participate fully in the Thursday virtual calls, and will be invited to an exclusive Inner Circle call on the first Wednesday of each month at 8am central. 

The members of the Inner Circle will retreat twice a year with the mastermind, but will also be invited to an Inner Circle day during the retreat. 

The investment for the Inner Circle is $1097 per month and is invite-only.

Do You Think You're An Awesome Fit?

We never look to grow our family just for the sake of growth, but we look for awesome members (plus spouses/partners) who will enrich, enliven, and empower our community and its members. 

Here's some questions to help you determine if you're an awesome fit:

  • Do you believe you can have health, wealth and powerful relationships without needing to sacrifice in any part of your life?
  • Do you wish to create wealth, success and happiness authentic to your desires?
  • Do you believe that growing yourself first as a human being is the most powerful way to grow your business?
  • Are you growth oriented and open to new mindsets, heartsets, beliefs, ideas and concepts?
  • Are you willing to be raw, vulnerable and transparent about all aspects of your life and business with others who are doing the same?
  • Are you ready to to get clear about what you want in your health, wealth, and your relationships?
  • Are you ready to dissolve self-rejection, self-criticism, worry, fear and doubt which create resistance to new levels of wealth, success and happiness?
  • Is giving without expectations part of your character?
  • Are you willing to support, encourage and embrace all of the other members of the community?
  • Do you desire to create a positive impact through your life and business?
  • Do you want to build relationships and be part of a community of awesome business leaders who are collaborating to share life and business?

If you've answered yes to all of these questions, you're an awesome fit for our family, and we'll certainly benefit from having you with us! Click the register now button and get started now!

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